Been a long time (reintroduction) and a question

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Been a long time (reintroduction) and a question
Wed, 11-28-2012 - 10:28am

Hi all - I know it's been a while.  I'm Emily - burdened with a LOT of CC debt. Due to some unforeseen car repair expenses, plus my dh had some equipment stolen that he uses for work, last summer all the EF funds I had saved up got depleted. So the CC haven't gone down any. However I did pay off the last of the hospital bills but I still have some dental/ortho bills to pay down.

The good news is only 10 payments left on the car and less than $1k on the student debt.

HOWEVER...  My husband's car just died last week and it needs a new engine so we're not going to get it fixed (2002 model, 130K on it). If it was that alone it'd be okay, BUT starting Jan. 1 my health insurance costs are going to more than double. We either had the choice of a more than double premium or a high deductible (4K for family!). This includes prescriptions, and my dh takes some real expensive ones so  we'll probably get up to the deductible by May 1. The only good thing is that most likely in June I'll be switching companies when our contract gets recompeted and the other company still has decent health insurance. Since my husband is self-employed we don't have a choice of me switching to his policy.

My question is - does anybody know of good supplemental prescription health insurance? Is there such a thing? If we could pay like $50 or $100 a month to get back to regular copays for prescriptions it'd be worth it. I looked a little bit and found some discounted plans but they weren't enough..


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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 10:16am

Hi Emily, just posting to say hi & hope you can start hitting the cc debt & knock it out like you did the hospital bills!  I don't have any experience with supplemental insurance so I have no help for you there.  Health insurance is such a huge expense & yet we so need to have it.  I am fortunate that my employer still pays 100% of spouse/family coverage premiums.  Not sure how many more years they can afford to do it, but for now counting our blessings.  Best of luck & I hope you can find something affordable.

Have a good week,


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Thu, 11-29-2012 - 12:41pm
I wish I could help on the perscription thing. I am guessing you have already shopped pharmacies? Years ago I was able to save a lot by switching. Not that the same brand was cheaper, but they had a different generic that was a lot cheaper. At the time, I had major medical, so 100% was out-of-pocket until we hit our deductible. I would have also picked the higher premium for a lower deductible. Mine is $1,000 per person and it is killing me. Wasn't a big deal until the insurance company changed how they paid out. Sounds like overall you are doing well though! I hope someone has some other ideas for you regarding prescriptions. My SO's had a doctor that would load him up with samples as much as he possibly could to save him money. I would definately keep looking for ideas that might be outside of the box. :)
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Hi and welcome back.

I also don't have any suggestions for supplement insurance, but still wanted to welcome you back.

I do understand how expensive health insurance can be.  My H's and my deductible is $2500 each annually or $5000 a year (and much higher when our dd's were at home).  I've always considered this fairly good coverage compared to what other people I know pay.  Also, my dd up until recently paid more for her perscription meds than her monthly rent.  It's just awful, isn't it?  I know it helped when dd's dr. gave her money pills per each order (she would get three months at a time) which helped with her co-payment.

Car repairs are unfortunately just a part of life - not really unexpected, but still a pain in the butt.  My own H drives a 1998 car with 380,000 miles (with an original engine) so I KNOW that thing is due to die and right now I don't really have enough money set aside for a new car for him, so we're living on the edge.

Oh well. . . .

Good luck.  I'm looking forward to hearing more from you!

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I just wanted to write hi and welcome :)

I'm in Canada so we have different medical and dental benefits. Also, I don't really access it so I would not even be able to answer a Canadian person's questions, LOL.

But it sounds like you are researching and asking questions. That is good first step to finding solutions.