Returning to the board.

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Returning to the board.
Sun, 08-28-2011 - 9:47am

Hey ladies,

I would like to return to the board. As DH and I have both lost sight of our goals :-( So we need some accountability. So an update to wear we are. When I stopped posting I only had to pay off my car...

The car is paid off, so we are saving that money monthly. It goes to our ING account, so we can't get to it. We bought a motorcycle from BIL 3k. We had paid cash for it, which was great, till we found out it had a cracked frame, we had already put new tires on it, and another repair :-( So we traded it in, on a new bike, which we financed for 5700 @6.9%, for 60 months. Don't worry, I'm paying 200 a month instead of the 113 payment. My goal is to have this paid off by next summer. We owe about 300 on the CC from my new love of online shopping. I'm dreading having to order detergent, but I will do so with my husband sitting beside me so I don't purchase extra.

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Sun, 08-28-2011 - 11:44am

Welcome back !


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Sun, 08-28-2011 - 2:39pm

Welcome back.

This is a great place to stay accountable. It sounds like you still have some good habits. Darn vehciles kill me everytime too! Take it easy and I hope you get the bike paid off in your time table your have chosen.

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Mon, 08-29-2011 - 9:42am
Weclome back!! I can't beleive Flounder is already 6 months old!!
You have lots of goals, build that budget and keep things like photos of Disney near your computer so it will remind you what your goals are.
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Wed, 08-31-2011 - 9:56pm
Hi Vanessa! Long time no "see" since I stopped going by the June Joeys board as much. I think you were the one that originally tipped me off to this board, so thanks!!

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it now, but it sounds like you're getting back on track. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 12:44pm


"Patience is the best remedy for every trouble"- Plautus

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Tue, 10-04-2011 - 8:52pm
Welcome back! I cannot believe your little one is 6 months already! I too am back after a great - but expensive - summer.