2012 Campaign Sets Record Expendures of 6 BILLION (poll)

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2012 Campaign Sets Record Expendures of 6 BILLION (poll)
Fri, 11-16-2012 - 10:39pm

Based on data from the LA Times the 2012 election was the most expense ever. To give you a perpective of what 6 billion dollars represents it greater than Kyrgzstan GDP 144 on the International Monetary Fund 2011 list of 184 countries. Considering the countries financial situation and where this money was spent lets look at Ohio and Florida. Using data from Chase bank here is the Quarterly GDP in Billions from Ohio $429  and Florida $661. So let's say all these monies were spent on citizens in these states Ohio + Florida total population = 30,346,261. Dividing the 6 Billon by that number each person would get $197.72

Now don't you think we have election funding that needs fixing along with a law to overturn the Supreme Courts ruling allowing outside funding to be almost unlimited? Let's here what you think?