Did you mail Christmas cards?

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Did you mail Christmas cards?
Mon, 12-16-2013 - 1:56pm

We didn't this year.  First time in... a long time...

I'm feeling a bit bad, but not too much.  I just didn't have the time and quite honestly didn't feel like putting in the effort or the money for something that I'm guessing is glanced at once before it is thrown away.

How about you?  Did/will you mail them? If not, what are your reasons for skipping this year?


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Tue, 12-17-2013 - 12:24pm
I do still mail cards. I have parred down the list quite a bit over the years, but most of my mom's side of the family are not FB or other social media, so they don't get to see pictures of the kids often and we live out of state.