Music Scholarships for Fall Semester are Offered at LA College of Music

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Music Scholarships for Fall Semester are Offered at LA College of Music
Thu, 01-30-2014 - 8:14pm

The LA College of Music (LACM), recently changed their name from the LA Music Academy (LAMA), now that they offer Bachelor’s programs (along with a number of music scholarships available).  They recently held their third ongoing, free-to-the-public “Let’sTalkMusic” event with singer-songwriter Moby. Their curriculum focuses students to not only develop their talents but to truly find their voice, understand how to work in the music industry, and to develop a strong network. More on the various scholarships offered here: .


Interviewed by LAMA faculty member Native Wayne Jobson, Moby proved thoughtful and quick-witted as he answered questions about his early background, musical influences and work habits. Moby is a singer/songwriter and DJ hailing from New York that has put out numerous top selling electronica albums. His main advice to aspiring musicians: “Two things. Learn to do everything: write, perform, engineer, produce, and, truly, love what you do.” Previous guests in the series were Ziggy Marley and producer Glen Ballard. For information on upcoming installments of the series, go to .


LACM is comprised of talented musicians from around the world all interested in pursuing a career in music. The school provides students with real life situations with professional musicians that prepare them for the real world music business.  The application deadline for the Fall semester is April 14th, 2014 – go here to apply at: You can also check LACM on their Facebook here at:, Twitter here at:, and Instagram here at: .