Any coupon users?

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Any coupon users?
Fri, 01-17-2014 - 8:49am

My SIL swears by using coupons.  I'm thinking I want to give it a go, but it is just so darn overwhelming to me!  Any tips on where I should start?  What things do I need to know about couponing before I get started?

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Tue, 01-21-2014 - 8:20am

I've been using coupons pretty regularly for several years now.  My biggest suggestion is to call your newspaper provider and see if you can get a multiple Sunday subscription.  You'll want to have duplicate coupons in order to really take advantage of the sales. :)  Also, find a local coupon blog that scoops out the deals for you.  It will save you a bunch of time as you prep for your shopping trips.  Have fun and good luck! 


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Fri, 02-28-2014 - 11:51pm

I have used coupons for years. They work for me.  There is an organization in our area that runs a terrific and responsible site which provides all of the sales for stores in the area. Although that part of the site may be of no use to you, they have a terrific organization system that you may find helpful. There is no cost for anything.  The site is :

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