Friday Five

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Friday Five
Fri, 03-29-2013 - 1:56pm

I had the best casserole yesterday, it was pork chops layered with sliced potatoes, cabbage, onions and sliced carrots and celery.  It was covered with cream of mushroom soup then baked. Tongue Out

It fed  my Mom and Dad and my oldest niece, noone else showed up, so after everyone ate. there was a lot left, so I got the rest, I had two meals and  some of the soup/veggie mixture is left;  I'm trying to decide how to usethat tasty  sauce. Undecided

1. Do you like casseroles like this?  

2. Have you ever used the leftovers in other recipes?

3.  What is your favorite casserole?

4. Would you rather have potatoes, rice or noodles in a recipe?

5. Do you like fruit as dessert, or do you like other desserts better? Surprised

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