Garlic in a tonic

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Garlic in a tonic
Wed, 05-08-2013 - 7:38pm

Garlic in a tonic

I make a tonic w/equal parts fresh garlic, horseradish, white onion, ginger, and habanero chili peppers.

Cut all the veggies (peel ginger and horseradish first, and remove stems & seeds from peppers) into equal pieces. I use 2 cups of each.

Place into a large pot or bucket and cover w/1 gallon Bragg's Apple cider vinegar. Keep it covered b/c it is very strong, and give it a good stir every day for 2 weeks.

Strain the veggies then keep the reserved vinegar in a tightly covered glass jar. Use less peppers if you are giving this to kids as it is incredibly strong. Sometimes I make the tonic w/ only the garlic so kids can get it down without gagging! 

This tonic should kill any virus or bacteria in the body if you can get it down. 

I take it by Tablespoons, 2-3 at a time throughout the day if I start to feel something coming on. oh, make SURE to USE GLOVES when handling the habaneros. If not, your hands will be on fire as well as anything that you touch. The oils from the peppers' skins are hot! Good luck!

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