WAH Opportunities?

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WAH Opportunities?
Wed, 01-22-2014 - 8:04am

Hi Everyone, 

I work a 9-5 job from home but unforunately, with 4 young children, it doesn't cover all the bills. I'm looking for other jobs I can do at home while I'm sitting on the computer anyway. Not an official job, since my 9-5 is full time, but some of those sites where you can earn a little money on the side while waiting on hold or something. 

Any ideas?


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Thu, 01-23-2014 - 9:06am
Hi there, I don't have any specific leads to share, but I would recommend checking sites like Linkedin. If you do a search for "telecommute" or "work at home", I'm sure you'll find a few options. Wishing you the best of luck in your search!

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Sun, 02-23-2014 - 3:31pm
Amazon Mechanical Turk ,Fivver and Keyforcash are all sites that you can earn money from. They are all ones that you could work while watching tv with yor kids during the evenings. Also Opinion Outpost and Ipsos are survery sites that do pay.


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Fri, 02-28-2014 - 11:41pm

If you have writing skills and have skills or ideas to share you might be able to pick up some extra money at Associated Content. I also saw a reference to  Demand Studios. I have not checked them out but I think they might be worth a look.  If you enjoy photography, there is always stock photo.com.  Once you submit to these places it is possible that you could continue to receive money for awhile.  I think you are looking for something that may bring in larger sums of money, however, If a couple of hours of work can result in a few extra bucks trickling in it might be worth it..  Of course there is ebay or etsy if you have are able to make things. Good luck and take care