Wednesday Wishes, Wahoos and/or Woes

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Wednesday Wishes, Wahoos and/or Woes
Wed, 02-13-2013 - 1:54pm


I slept in a little today, I went to the lobby to get my mail and I spotted a box of grapefruit by the counter.   I hustled over there and picked out 4 of the better looking ones.   I love grapefruit, but I have to eat them seperately from my meds.

Mom was here yesterday and hooked up  the phone I got for Christmas, it works, but it has a man doing my answering machine message, that's okay, but one of my neighbors here thinks there is a man here. Surprised(I don't want my guy thinking that) So I need to put my own message on it.  Laughing

Do you have any Wishes, Wahoos and/or Woes today?  Sealed

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