Why Are You Frugal?

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Why Are You Frugal?
Wed, 07-24-2013 - 11:07pm

've been pretty frugal for quite some time.  My definition of frugal is a bit different than that of some other people.  I'm curious to know  your definition of frugal and what inspired you to live a frugal lifestyle.  Do you find that frugality is something that is a present in all aspects of your life?

Any thoughts?



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Fri, 07-26-2013 - 1:02pm

I don't necessarily think I'm frugal in all aspects of my life. I really think that it's about choices and what's important to me. I do try to save money when I travel and eat at restaurants, and since I travel and eat out a lot for work trips, I tend to try to save money during work trips, too. However, if I'm hosting someone or taking them out to thank them or celebrate something, while I don't want to be ripped off, I do want them to feel like they don't have to eat the cheapest menu option either. I do feel that there are things that I'm ok with being inexpensive and not at the highest standards, but I don't want guests to feel that the treatment they're getting from me is subpar.

I've always been a saver. It started very young. I had a paper route when I was about 10 or 11 years old, and I've wanted to continue earning income ever since. I do think that part of it was due to me wanting so much to be able to leave home and live the way I wanted, but though my parents were tough on me, I am grateful now that I have learned to be so self sufficient.


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