Boy, have I been on a hunt for hidden treasure!

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Boy, have I been on a hunt for hidden treasure!
Wed, 06-05-2013 - 10:04am

I want to make a handkerchief know the kind that has different lengths of hem? I thought I had a pattern but must have given it to my DD#2 or someone. So, I went to JoAnn and went through EVERY PATTERN BOOK AND RACK and the only pattern they had was for a toddler where you use a t-shirt as the starting point and then sew on the skirt part. I bought it anyway because it was the closest I could come and figured with directions I could alter UP...waaaaaaaaaaaaay UP.

So, I come home disappointed and just out of curiosity look on-line for a pattern. Would you believe I found FIVE sources of free pattern in about ten minutes? Shoulda started on-line......but the pattern I bought has all the sizes I'd need to make quick and inexpensive dresses for my great grand-daughters!  I love how they have a bunch of sizes in each envelope now and so many have a half dozen variations available, too! Gonna wear out the sewing machine!

Oh, and I cleaned out my closet so I'd have room for the new stuff. Weeded out about 4 dozen blouses, dresses and skirts that I either haven't worn in years and years or flat out don't fit me with the weight loss or I never liked that much once I came home and put it on. Today I am going to go through the bins of clothes I couldn't wear at the height of my weight gain and get rid of the size 3s and 5s and maybe even some things I seldom wore as well. I'm proud of me......and my two oldest DD's will be delighted to have the clothes!

OOPS...forgot to say that in going through the closet I FOUND a handkerchief skirt I forgot I had that I can copy, too! was folded over the hanger and way at the side of the closet so I never ran across it when I was looking for something else.

All clothes are now in catagories...formal, dresses, skirts, tops and by colors. Going to dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back!!!