Had ANOTHER doctor appointment Monday.

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Had ANOTHER doctor appointment Monday.
Thu, 12-20-2012 - 10:07am

The waiting room had 5 trees and a wreath in it....all just gorgeous! It turned out that so many staff members wanted to decorate a tree this year so they made a contest out of it and patients got to vote on their favorite!

At first, I wondered why everything had Valentine's hearts on it, then my brain kicked in and I realised that Cardiologist=Heart! LOL They must have bought every shiny heart in the county to cover all those trees!

Incidentally, everything looks great for my heart.....I wasn't worried going in because it's just an annual check. But some poor woman came in first thing in the morning feeling poorly and they had to admit her to the hospital. What a way to spend the holidays! Because that set the whole schedule off, *I* get to go in Christmas Eve morning for the ultrasound part of my exam. Somehow I don't mind so much knowing the reason was someone in much more need than I!

Pand PT to all who will be confined to hospitals this season. I'm sure the staff will do all they can to make things festive, but it's still a bummer of a way to spend Christmas! By the way, the she was stable and improving by my afternoon appointment! Hurrah!