I tell you, it's darned hard to decide what art and craft supplies

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I tell you, it's darned hard to decide what art and craft supplies
Wed, 09-11-2013 - 3:23pm

to take along.....so I've taken a little of everything! I keep being told that it's hard to find supplies over there, especially the less expensive things. I can find a Cricut but apparently rubber stamps are scarce. So, I slipped things into shoe toes and corners and vases and crammed the rolling carts so full they were hard to lift. I can always write "home" for someone to send me more of some things, but I wrapped fragile items in fabric, unrolled ribbon from the center roll and rerolled it and pinned it, stuck spools of thread in the cover of the sewing machine and did all sorts of tricky little things to get in one more brush or set of colored pencils or bag of elastic.

I can already list at least a couple dozen things I know I will miss having with me! But it took 4 1/2 pallets and the interior of my car to get as much as possible that we'll need for setting up housekeeping and I'll need for crafting! That does not include real furniture except for one table that we removed the legs from and taped them on the underside. We'll be using camping loungers for livingroom chairs until we find a suitable futon or hide-a-bed. A trunk will serve as the coffee table. We're literally "making our beds".....platform beds that we'll stick the mattresses on. My SIL's portable sewing machine is going and she's going to use one of my cabinet models. I'll put a piece of plywood between two rolling carts to hold that. A card table will serve for cutting out material, putting projects together and as a general work station.

Clothes will go on the closet shelves and in rolling carts when I empty them into the Rubbermaid bins that are filled with the contents of the pantry and cupboards. I'll also store fabric and sewing supplies in the bins. Going to have to be really creative!

The apartment is enormous but only one bedroom so we are making screens to close off one corner of the huge living room and make a second bedroom. DH will do the carpentry and I will cover the screens with fabric. All the two bedroom units, anywhere on the island, were upstairs or the bedrooms were and I can't climb stairs too well any more.

The ocean is right across the street from our complex, which is a small one instead of one of those giant cookie-cutter kinds. The apartments are larger, too. We think we have about 1000 sq. ft.  All the appliances are new or newer, counters are immaculate and our lanai is very private, looking onto a plumeria tree that is also covered with orchids! If you stand in the far left corner, you can see the pool across a vast expanse of lawn.  I think I can be very comfortable there for a year or year and a half.

If I could just take the studio, I could probably make a fortune selling off all the extras I have!  Everyone thinks this is a "great adventure", but it's for my health. My labwork is always better when I get back from a short vacation there. Maybe a year of swimming daily and walking on the sand will really put things into remission??? I hope so.

I miss this board so much! Remember when it was rocking night and day??? All the clever projects and innovative ideas!