I want to try to make some Tapa-like cloth.

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I want to try to make some Tapa-like cloth.
Sat, 04-13-2013 - 8:53am

I can't do the authentic kind because of lack of paper mulberry trees around here. But, the art is extinct in Hawaii now and none is made there. I figure I can try some other barks that I have here and all I'm out is my time if it flops. There are quite a few sites on Google that show all about how to do it. And, since pounding the bark is part of the process, think of the hostilities I can release...all that negative energy going into a positive end!

I'm going to have to drive down to the beach and get some salt water because soaking is necessary....that may be a difficulty since water is HEAVY! But, I have two guys with trucks who can surely get me 3 five gallon buckets of it! (If nagged enough.)