I'm back! Tan (for me) and tired (for anyone!).

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I'm back! Tan (for me) and tired (for anyone!).
Mon, 03-25-2013 - 11:49am

I had so many adventures it would take a book to recount them but we saw the humpback whales and the sea turtles. I snorkled and "met" all sorts of the most colorful tropical fish. All of us but dh body surfed and swam......I covered MILES of water! Drove all over just looking at the scenery but didn't do any of the snorkling trips or helicopter rides or things like that. I cleaned beaches (collected more than 7 huge garbage bags of litter and junk people just dumped. The weirdest thing I found was a pair of size 48 mens' undershorts.....I left them where they were....shudder! I shopped and got some really unique clothes and went to a favric store and bought 8 different pieces of tropical patterned material and 4 patterns.

SHOCK! The patterns were only $3.25 each and each came in 6 or more sizes with at least 4 variations in style on each! I'd have bought lots more but DH was with me. However, I did get the card to their online store!

Learned how to open a coconut, met people who live on the beach and learned somewhat what that is like. Started making a hula skirt but couldn't find enough fronds to even make one Barbie sized. Collected enough kukui nuts to make several necklaces and bracelets or display in clear containers. Also found and brought home a whole load of sea pens or sea beans that make the most unique jewelry! Got some new techniques to learn! (The preceeding is legal to bring home....just no rocks, coral or shells.)

We did so much I can't even remember it all right now but we also got to feeling so much at home that we flat out forgot to leave on the day we were supposed to! It wasn't until the desk called and asked WHEN we planned on checking out that we realized out flight took off in two hours and we had the car to gas and all the hoohah at the airport to go through and the car rental return....so we changed the tickets and stayed an extra day. Blush! At least both of our minds were on vacation so I don't have to be the only one to feel dumber than dirt! We were so sure we left on Saturday that we actually made it happen!

Good to be back but was so nice we would have loved to have stayed and stayed....alas, duty and home called and it WAS nice to sleep in my own bed!

Big smooch to everyone! And a virtual lei!