Isn't it amazing how time flies by before a dental appointment

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Isn't it amazing how time flies by before a dental appointment
Wed, 04-17-2013 - 4:46pm

pr any other unpleasant thing, but it crawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwls when you have something exciting coming up!???

The ATC convention starts Friday morning and time is just dragging. I have my car loaded with everything but my suitcase, art case and cooler (and it looks like it will all actually FIT! Just the usual last minute stuff to put, medical stuff, toothbrush and paste and the book I am reading!

I'd change my reservations and go down tomorrow except that I have now promised a ride to a guy who needed one and made arrangements with a gal to caravan with her, though it's pretty easy to find. I got both my space needle and Bigfoot done.....they sent us templates to decorate. I think I was quite creative.......and on one, who is going to turn down CHOCOLATE?????? That one should be a guaranteed success! I think we're going to trade them, but it hasn't been firmly decided. This gathering is going to be much less formal and regimented......which I like very much! Last time almost every minute was planned and they didn't put naptime on the schedule!!!

I guess I'll clean house tomorrow so the two who will be here won't see what an awful mess it's been since we got back from vacation! Whoopee.

I love these gatherings......I always learn something new!