It's now against the law to take shells, coral or even rocks from Hawaii....

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It's now against the law to take shells, coral or even rocks from Hawaii....
Fri, 03-29-2013 - 12:54pm

leaving those of us who are avid collectors drooling but taking pictures instead of the real thing. You can BUY shells, but those are mostly imported from the Phillipines where ecologists either feel there is a surplus or nobody cares. You have no idea how hard it was to leave a perfect specimen to be ground up in the next high tide...or collected by the next person who didn't know or follow the law.

However, you can still take sand and seeds (except for legume type but they don't define that part very well) so I confined my beach combing to my usual collecting of garbage (always leave a place cleaner than you found it!) and gathering seeds. I was told by a resident that it takes 40 kukui nuts to make a necklace......80 if you're a clumsy mainlander and crack them while stringing! So I set out to collect enough to make myself a necklace and bracelet. There were three kinds of kukuis...plain black, black and white and black and gold so I was on the lookout! I think I got enough to try the craft though! You can also make kukui nut alternative name for the kukui is candlenut....and I may try that, too! You are allowed to bring home coconuts in the husk ONLY if you buy them and they've been decontaminated by their Agriculture department.....but OMG, $30 is a lot for something that floats in to shore and grows wild!

Did you know that they now have loads of services that go up the trees and take the coconuts down and take them to the DUMP??? This is because a falling nut can really damage a person or car or whatever, so all the trees are de-nutted annually except those in the wild. But, if you find on AND it has liquid in it (I don't know why that is a rule) and can take the husk off, you can bring home the interior nut. I managed after three days of working at it and finally, with the help of an Hawaiian coach to get the nut out of the husk. DON'T PULL...TWIST! In any event, they actually IMPORT coconuts to the islands, now. Seems awfully silly to me!

I'm going to try to grow's possible if I can get sandy soil and a lot of luck. I wanted to gather a bunch and try some of the crafts they make from the shells but with all the restrictions I got only the one and some babies too small to germinate. I'm also going to see if I can grow any of the other seeds I gathered...some of which I have identified! Most will grow indoors with proper soil, water, heat and...again....luck!

I have a link to how to make a kukui nut necklace if you happen to have a bowl full sitting around....   This site is also very good.