Put on your barefoot shoes...after you make them!

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Put on your barefoot shoes...after you make them!
Fri, 05-03-2013 - 9:05am

You will need....for one "shoe"

About 20 grams of small glass beads (of your color choice)

4 mm gold or silver beads

Beading elastic

White glue



Cut a 30" length of elastic. Stiffen ends with white glue. String about 12 glass beads on the elastic to the center of the cord. Make sure you have enough to go around your second toe (next to the big toe). Push both ends of the elastic through a 4 mm bead (one from each side) making a loop for your toe. (Just pull ends out again if you need to add more for comfort or fit.) String about 1" of beads on each end, being sure to make them equal in length. Push ends of elastic through a 4 mm bead (one from each side as above.). String another inch of beads on each end. Repeat pushing through a 4 mm bead. Repeat this step one more time. (or more if needed for larger feet). Add glass beads to both ends until you have enough to go around your ankle comfortably. Tie off with a double knot and trim.

Repeat entire process if you want two barefoot shoes.  Order extra beads if you want to make a matching bracelet or ring and follow instructions above to construct. Of course, you will have to use LESS elastic or stretchy cord but be sure you leave enough give in it to get the bracelet or ring on and off.

Hint: Use a piece of cardboard and pin/staple the elastic on, working the design in on that, rather than your foot in your lap!!

There you go....barefoot shoes!