So many new things to work with.........

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So many new things to work with.........
Thu, 12-19-2013 - 1:00pm

The african tulip tree has nifty little pods (?) attached to the base of the beautiful flower....and the tree produces boat like seed pods that dry to be like wood. There are tiny seeds that look like cellophane wrapped seeds that you can make a lei from if you're really patient! The boats could be outriggers or canoes. The royal poinsiana tree has these loooooooong dangling pods that contain seeds you can make a lei out of also....but, again, you need LOTS. The pods, if drilled and sealed with varnish or polyurethane would make a great gonash for stick incense.


No more beach collecting of shells or rocks is allowed nor coral, of course. Sand you can take in small bits.....and driftwood...but it's often buggy. Drift seeds are okay, too, except you can't take anything from the legume (pea) family back with you unless it's totally sterilized or embedded in resin. So, I've turned to seed pods and seeds. I also pick up any glass I see on the beach...for safety's sake...most of it hasn't rounded off or gotten irridescent but I did bring my rock polisher (the little one) so I'm making some smooth pieces.

Found some other seeds and pods that are neat for jewelry long as Ag will let me take them out!

I used messenger tree leaves, which are pear shaped, to create a partridge in a pear tree and a banner sign of Merry Christmas. I spray painted a branch of a palm seed and pod and it is really pretty. I used another palm finding to make a long "bowl". I sanded it all down and covered the stalk end with hemp twine....but think I'd like to stain it, too.

Have  bunch of coconuts that aren't suitable for eating........thought of making wind chimes with those and bamboo and cutting squares and circles out to make jewelry...after extracting them and polishing.

So many free supplies! As long as I seal them properly!

Finally got an airconditioner for the bedroom/studio/sewing room/guest room/ etc. And, of course, the weather turned cooler! It WAS so hot my teeth were sweating!