Well, my computer is back...........

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Well, my computer is back...........
Fri, 11-16-2012 - 3:25pm

IF you can call it that. It has a new OS that I'm not familiar with, my personal files are scattered allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll over, music is mixed with pictures and pictures are in documents and documents are in music and none of them really attach to the start menu. My favorites are there but don't show on each page now so I have to go back to a different disc drive to find them to find my boards and etc. All of my personal settings are changed. Some programs will not reinstall. There is no Word or Works or Excel on this so it will all have to be installed. I have a search box in the startup but no "run" option. This is going to take months to figure out! Oh, and my sound system is disabled so I'm getting sound through the monitor...tinny and blah! My son's "music", if you can call it that, was mixed in with all sorts of things, so I am slowly gathering those into a folder of his own....although I'd rather delete them. The titles alone are disgusting!

I did get the scanner/printer/copier installed...but have no program I can find for "locate new hardware".

I was nuts to begin with. Expect anything as I delve into this mess!!!