Well, we made it.

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Well, we made it.
Sun, 10-27-2013 - 2:24pm

As did all of our stuff. Oddly, the ONLY broken item was my big Tupperware bowl!

Took about a week and a half for our things to arrive and three weeks to clean this place up (after the cleaning people!??) Add another couple weeks to find and buy furniture, assemble things and unpack.  As of today, we still have a platform bed to construct and about five binsof stuff to stow under it when it is done.

Haven't crafted a thing but have collected pods and seeds and palm collars and driftwood...that I will do something with! Maybe....eventually. Am VERY homesick and not enjoying the 86 degrees with 100 percent humidity aat all.My central thermostat doesn't work at all.  I've only managed to get to the beach about a dozen times but hope to get back to a routine soon.

Things I dislike about living here in Hawaii.....the constant heat, transient neighbors in the rental units around us (here for a week or four and gone), CO$T$!! (electricity for example is 6 times what is was in Washington), intermittent internet, junk DH tracks in because he refuses to take off his shoes! Oh, and having to drive at 25-30 so it takes almost an hour to go the 25 miles to my doctor!

Things I like.....found a really pleasant doctor who is willing to fill all my prescriptions and a pharmacy that is going to transfer everything here. The flowers are gorgeous...we seem to have 100 different varieties of plant in this complex. The pool is nice, when not full of kids. It rained one day and I loved it! I'm sure everyone thought I was nuts out standing in the rain getting soaked to the skin! I also like some of the places we can go when things settle down......places we didn't take the time for on other visits. Black, red and green sand beaches, the sacred pools......

Just thought I would throw in an update! I miss everyone!


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Tue, 10-29-2013 - 2:25pm

I also just moved, but only across town. How the heck does a Tupperware bowl get broken? Was it one of the newer ones that are a lesser quality than the old ones? I have been living here a month, and I'm still not completely unpacked - Don't think I ever will be until I get a chest of drawers to store some of my mementos.

My sister says I will adjust with time, so I bet you will, too. I'm not used to directly paying for utilities (my last rent included everything), so what I pay feels like it's too much. Do they have an electric budget plan out there? My sister set it up so I only pay $95/month, and can use as much as I want - Well, within reason. My thermostat doesn't work well, either - I had to turn it up to 80º before I even began feeling warm. My apartment floor is a cement slab with just a carpet over it (no padding), so it feels really damp when it gets chilly.

The speed limit in my complex is 15mph, but people rarely go that slow. I think the UPS guy goes the fastest - He hit one of the hills, and I swear he was air born for a second or so. I'm going to sit outside and catch him on video. Most of the roads in this area are 20-30mph, but there are a few state roads where you can go 45mph. And then there is the interstate...

Glad to hear you found a good doctor and pharmacy. I would have loved to see the faces of the people watching you get soaked by the rain on purpose. I used to do that, but I was much younger.

I hope you settle in soon, so you can enjoy the area.


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