Join the "Cook From Your Cupboards" Challenge on the Frugal Kitchen

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Join the "Cook From Your Cupboards" Challenge on the Frugal Kitchen
Wed, 02-02-2011 - 8:45am

Come one, come all! If you're a frugal cook, join us in the first ever Cook From Your Cupboards challenge at the Frugal Kitchen.

If you're anything like me, you stare into your cupboards from time to time and declare "There's nothing to eat!" Or maybe you have a few odd things hiding in the back - like coconut milk or hearts of palm. What will I ever do with those!?

Well now is the time to start using the odds and ends, the things you don't know what to do with, and the things that seemed like a great idea when you bought them. Not only will you clean out the cupboards, you'll save money on groceries in the process.

The rules to this challenge are simple: Set a goal. Try to achieve it. Share your progress with us.

You might want to limit yourself to only buying fresh fruits and vegetables, or only dairy. Or you might just set a goal of using one item from your cupboard in every meal you make. It doesn't have to be lofty or unattainable, just a goal you'd like to reach. Maybe that's to save 25% off your grocery bills over the next month.

So check in here. Let us know what's hiding in your cupboard, what items you have way too much of, or some of the things you'd like to use up over the month of February.