Got everything planted--so far

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Got everything planted--so far
Thu, 06-06-2013 - 6:10pm

I'm really late this year with getting the summer garden started. I knew we would be out of town for 10 days in late May with no one to water for me so I held off on planting until we got back. I had planned to get the beds prepped before going on vacay but hurt my back and could barely do anything for the 2 weeks prior to departure--so much for good intentions. 

I remembered that my neighbor told me she had a rototiller I could borrow, so I did. It is so cool! Its an electric tiller, not very heavy, but fairly powerful. It took all day Sunday but I was able to get most of the beds tilled/amended. Then I planted starts from the nursery on the next 3 evenings. The nursery didn't have a few things I wanted but said they would try to get them in for me, hopefully by tomorrow. I have one small bed that I don't know what to plant. I've put pimento peppers there for the last 2 years and they did really well but I know I need to rotate. I guess I'll look around the nursery to see if there's something different to try.

Of course a gardener's work is never done lol. There are 3 small beds that need to be weeded before I can amend or plant in them. They have some kind of grass that spreads underground; at least when I get it dug out the beds will be effectively turned and will just need amendment before I can plant. I'm thinking to try corn in a couple of them.

How is everybody else doing with getting your gardens up and running?

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Fri, 06-07-2013 - 1:23pm

No space for a real garden in our lot --- DH has pre-empted it all for his hostas and daylilies. So my veg arein large pots.

I have three pots with three tomato plants each (one pot has two different cherries, one pot has three different hybrids and one pot has plums and San Marzanos), one with three different eggplants (one blak Asian, one Black Beauty and one white) and a planter with a whole bag of cucumber seeds (DH, not paying attenting waterd teh tomato sets when we came home adn teh seed packet was in the box that held the sets. So they were pre-sprouted! FIgured what teh heck and planted the lot...).

Our CSA starts up in three weeks so I expect we will be inundated with fresh veg for the rest of the summer. If only the weather could make up it's mind. We go from high 80s to near freezing on a weekly bbsis. Tomatoes do NOT like that!

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Sat, 06-15-2013 - 5:23pm

I had great intentions about container gardening this year but so far that is all they have been--just great intentions.  Moving my asiatic lilies to the back yard was a good move, they really thrived this year but it is such a short show.  I'm considering seeding some zinnias in among them to add interest to the bed.