Growing carrots?

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Growing carrots?
Mon, 05-19-2014 - 1:38pm

I'm going to attempt to grow some carrots in a container with my daughter (she read a story about a boy tending to a carrot seed). Any suggestions/tips? We'll be growing them in a container bought specifically for the carrots. The seeds I bought state March - June as the planting time in my zone, so I'm just on the cusp, lol. Will that still work?

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Mon, 05-19-2014 - 11:12pm

Carrots are well suited to pot growing.  Just remember, they are a root vegtable, so you want the pot big enough-- wide AND at LEAST 12 in tall--so the roots have room to grow.  Use light soil, well mixed with vermiculite, so your carrots grow straight.  Make sure your pots have good drainage holes and set them on blocks so the water drains freely.  You don't want the carrots to rot.  The carrot seed is like dust.  Sprinkle the seed over the top of the soil, in lines an inch apart, if you can.  DAMPEN the soil with a soft, easy spray, or you will wash them away, and then sprinkle a LIGHT coating of soil over the seeds.  DAMPEN again. Keep the soil moist until germination, which should take about 10-20 days.  Carrots are cold weather veggies, so they can be sown early in spring (March) and in succession thru the end of June, because they will survive a touch of frost, and continue to grow.  Grow them in a location that has about 6 hours of sun.

Pots dry easily, so water them every few days--more often if it is hot.  Pots have no access to nutrients, so remember to fertilize.  Check your garden center for a fertilizer specific for ROOT vegtables in pots.  Do not OVER fertilize.  You will burn them.  Do not use flower fertilizer, it is the wrong mix of nutrients. 

You will soon have a carrot forest.  Use a small sissors to thin to 1/2 inch apart.  Cut the greens off at the soil line.  The small roots will rot and amend the soil.  When carrot tops are about 6 in tall, thin again to about 1 in apart, but this time pull them.  You'll have fingerlings you can eat.  Pull every week, widening your spacing till you reach 4 inches apart.  Those that grow till final harvest will be full size.  Good Luck.

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Tue, 05-27-2014 - 10:03pm

Sabrtooth, what a lot of carrotness!  I've only grown them in the garden (not a container) and got some VERY interesting shapes.  I also had a bad day with a box turtle who laid eggs in my carrots, and charged my tiller when I was weeding around them.  Even though sources tell you that turtles don't protect their nests.  I love fresh carrots, let me know how the container carrots turn out!