How did your garden/containers do this summer?

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How did your garden/containers do this summer?
Tue, 08-27-2013 - 8:42pm

Was this a good growing season for you? Is it still going strong or is it starting to wind down in your area?

Its been mixed in my yard. In the front I have pole beans and cucumbers which both produced a lot. Cukes are getting a second wind but beans look like they're winding down after a second wind. I planted some eggplants in two different beds, one plant in each bed is producing.

I expected the veggies in the backyard to do really well but have been disappointed. The zucchinis did really well for a while then took about a month off...they would set fruit but it would shrivel when still small. Now they're starting to grow to a good size again. The first part of August was cooler than normal, maybe that was why. The tomatoes are doing terrible. I've had such good tomato results in those beds in past years that I'm surprised. Bell peppers are iffy, the first crop never got big but did ripen but now the plants seem to be setting a second crop. I also planted pimento peppers next to the bell peppers and they set lots of fruit which got large, I'm just waiting for them to turn red.

We still have at least 6-8 weeks of "summer" here in terms of temperature although the photoperiod is shortening. Crossing my fingers that the tomatoes will get a second wind too.

Its hard to think about the fall/winter veggie garden when its so hot, but I always wait until it starts to cool off and by then its too late.

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Thu, 08-29-2013 - 2:10pm

I wonder if it was the weather. We had a wet June and only one week of really warm weather (it's warm now, but too late).

All my veggies were in containers so I suppose they were stressed to start with but...My tomatoes started out like gangbusters and then basically dried up (they look like they usually do in October when it's time to pull them up!). I got a crop, mostly cherries (which seem to be able to handle any weather)  but not a good one. (And our CSA had similar issues with what she calls the "big maters" --- very few survived a nasty week o heavy rain adn wind, but we have had buckets of cherry tomatoes from them for weeks now - I'm roasting and freezing as fast as I can.) Ditto my cukes - had flowers, then died back. They seem to be blooming again but are only about an inch high so I don't hold out much in the way of hope. My egplants are so-so... and I don't hold out much hope there either as the growing season is pretty nearly over for them.

DH's daylilies, on the other hand, thrived (throve?)... taller than I ever remember them being (some had flower stalks as high as 6 feet!) and blooming over and over. But it looks pretty raggedy now too. Lots of spent scapes and browning leaves.