I've got a BIG faux half-whiskey barrel bucket - what to plant?

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I've got a BIG faux half-whiskey barrel bucket - what to plant?
Tue, 07-01-2014 - 11:55am

Hi all! I picked up a great half-whiskey barrel (plastic) from Costco a month or two ago (so it's really big). I've been trying to figure out what to plant in it. Do I want shade or sun? (I have areas in both.) What would give me more colors? But what would last longer? Last year I did a beautiful shade garden, but I felt it lacked flowers. What would be the best shade flower? I'm in zone 7. Here's my shade garden last year (it filled in beautifully when they grew).

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Best shade flowers, hands down, are tuberous begonias.  They're sometimes referred to as "shade Roses" for good reason.    Here in Zone 4-5, they bloom till hard frost.  Impatiens are also a good choice, and fuschia.  The fuschia will cascade so plant it near the edge. 

In the picture you have, the caladiums are poisonous.  If you have young children or pets that like to chew, avoid those.  You also had coleus, which comes in a myriad of colors and forms, so I think you could get all the color you want from that alone!

This year, I made my pots red, white and blue.  Red and white zonal geraniums, red and white salvia, Euphorbia Diamond Frost, lobelia in 2 shades of blue, and dark purple sweet potato vine to trail.  I recently noticed I also have some moss roses and golden moneywort--volunteers from last year.  All those are good choices for a sun garden, as are petunias.  The "Wave" petunias are great "spillers", as they trail nicely.