Natural Flying Insect Killer kills grass

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Natural Flying Insect Killer kills grass
Wed, 08-22-2012 - 8:25pm

I live in a dog-intense area.  Small lots, I have 2 smallish dogs in my yard.  My neighbor next door has 5, 3 of them are large.  The house behind me has 2 or 3 small dogs.  

I pick up the poo every day, not sure if anyone else does; but there is a fly problem.  So I bought a can of Hot Shot all natural flying insect killer.  It works great.  The flies just DROP and that's that...

When I was scooping yesterday, I realized that I was getting up the poo, but the flies were still living.  So I grabbed the Hot Shot and sprayed the flies on the poo before scooping.  I got an admirable kill rate on the flies.  

But today I have dead grass where I sprayed.  I read the label on the can, and it is a solution of lemongrass oil.  If you have bermuda grass that you don't want, I'd recommend this as a weed killer!  It is even killing my crabgrass!  

In the South, our lawns are bermuda.  Considered a dreaded a weed in the North, and even illegal in one state (Washington or Oregon).  But killing a little patch of it does not worry me, it grows back fine in no time.  

I don't water my grass so it is rooted over a foot deep.  Digging a hole in my yard is no easy task.  I let it CHOOSE LIFE and send those roots halfway to Hell in search of water.  It works.  Even in the Delta.  

But I found it interesting about the lemongrass oil fly spray.  HMMM.  

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Sun, 08-26-2012 - 8:49pm

Thanks for the tip!! I have a lot of Bermuda grass here, much of it in places where I don't want it---like the rose bed. I dug out a lot of it this spring from the veggie bed where I put green beans, like you said the horizontal roots (stolons?) run up to a foot underground...I would have needed to trench my entire yard! I don't use RoundUp etc because I keep an organic garden but the Hot Shot might fall within organic guidelines. I wonder what that concentration of lemongrass oil would do to the roots of rose bushes? I may need to do some research on this!