Is there a trick to keeping hanging plants watered?

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Is there a trick to keeping hanging plants watered?
Mon, 07-14-2014 - 8:55am

I bought a couple of beautiful hanging plant baskets but discovered quickly I have to water them every single day. If I forget even one day, I come home and they are starting to look dry and wilted. I don't know if it is the quality of the container (cheap plastic) or if I am doing something wrong. Any ideas?

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Nope, that's pretty much how it is. LOL I find that on really hot days I have to water them more frequently between my normal watering schedule, so it could be that you're just in a really hot spell. 

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Pots dry out QUICKLY.  Pots hanging in the air dry out even faster.  They need good drainage holes too, or they will ROT quickly also.  Water every day, but try to water in the afternoon, or early evening, so that the water will not evaporate so quickly.  Put some peat moss on top of the soil, around the plants, to help cut down on surface evaporation.  Evaporation thru the skin of the pot, you can't do anything about.  Try taking the pots down at least once a week, and sitting them in a roasting pan with a couple inches of water, so they can wick up from the bottom, thru your drainage holes!  If the soil is uniformily moist, it will hold water better.  If the soil is dry and pulled away from the sides of the pot, the water mostly just flows down the inside of the pot and out, and is wasted.  If that has occured, you will need to soak the whole pot to rehydrate the entire soil ball.

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Have you tried either burying a small clay  pot and filling it with water or securely setting in a jar or vase, which you keep filled and wick down to the dirt? There are also commercial bowls that attach to the baskets and allow the plant to wick up what would normally drip off.


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I love pretty hanging flower baskets ..but didn't buy any this year because they are so hard to keep watered.


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You really know your stuff!  Thanks for all the useful tips from one who drops by occasionally>