Will you be planting a winter grass?

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Will you be planting a winter grass?
Fri, 08-23-2013 - 3:09pm

I've had such a battle with weeds in my backyard this past two years that I have decided to attack the best way I know how:  plant it in heavy winter rye this fall.  I plan to spray this weekend to get a head start, as it has been cool aka under 90F (just barely).  Even if spraying does a great job, I will still plant the winter rye to smother any weeds that want to winter over.  It works, I've had many successes with this technique.  Of course, you are still mowing from time to time through the winter, but...

Meanwhile in the front yard, I have no lawn anymore.  The oak tree is so large now that the satellite pic of my house on Google Earth looks like a tree with a driveway beside it and a street running under it.  No front yard at all!  So I'm working on creating a shade garden out there.  My variegated ivy is spreading well, and I hope to get in some hosta bulbs this fall.  I'm on my way to no mowing in the front!