Winter gardening?

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Winter gardening?
Sun, 12-09-2012 - 1:26am

Is anybody growing any veggies or herbs, indoors or outside? 

We are fortunate to be able to garden outside year round. Its always interesting to see how long the summer plants last. Last winter I had good luck with a few summer plants overwintering and providing zuccini and bell peppers all winter (just not a great volume of them). This year I still have tomatoes and eggplant and chilies going strong. The eggplant is a big surprise. This summer the zuccini didn't do that well nor did bell peppers, with the exception of the Pimento sweet peppers. Also I have strawberries growing in one of those "pocket" pots, I thought they were dying in the summer but now that its cooler they're looking great again and setting fruit, I even got one little ripe berry a few days ago!

I'm late on winter planting but finally got some things planted in the past couple of weeks. I put in starts of sugar snap peas, Winterbor kale, Cheddar Cheese cauliflower, and seeds of beets. I want to start 6-paks of lettuce and spinach too. I've tried direct sowing but the slugs and bugs eat most of them as they emerge so transplanting works better.

Is the winter a gardening time for you, or is it all armchair gardening where you look at seed catalogs and dream about what you will plant next spring?

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Sun, 12-09-2012 - 1:10pm

We get hard frosts in October and usualy, by now, we have had snow (we are in a snow "drought" according to the Weatehr Channel *and* our local weather man) so winter garening without a green house is impossible. And we don't have space for a green house. DH has mulched all of his flower beds and put what bulbs he could into the ground (or into the garage in cold storage if they were that type)... adn we are now into armchair mode!

I have had limited success with moving eggplant indoors in pots but it didn't work this year. We move all our sensitive potted plants --- hibiscus, poinsetties and the like --- into our sunroom when evening temps start diving below 50 and that constittues our winter gardening.

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Fri, 12-14-2012 - 6:59pm

Here we CAN winter garden (greens are very popular) but I limited myself to potting the rosemary and it is growing in my kitchen.  I think next year I might try ALL of my herbs in pots, so I can keep them from overgrowing each other.  Last summer it was like they were trying to smother each other out and take over!  Especially the pineapple sage, which didn't bother me when the hummingbirds migrated and they chose to stay a while in my garden on their way to South America.  They LOVED that pineapple sage!