11/14/12 Wednesday WIP Check-in

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11/14/12 Wednesday WIP Check-in
Wed, 11-14-2012 - 4:27pm

Less then six weeks until Christmas.  

What's on your hooks this week?

Anything new?

Anything finished?

If someone was going to give you a handcrafted item....what would you want?

Have a great week.


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Wed, 11-14-2012 - 8:08pm

I finished DH's hat last week, I think I mentioned.

This week I started an finished a hat based on this pattern:


(I made a bunch of changes)

Now I can't see what I'm replying to. It was something about getting a handcrafted gift. At this point, I'd take a cardigan or a wrap. I'm COLD!

Oh yea, and I still have the peacock curtain and a rather large swatch I'm trying to turn into a hat.

Cthulu Crochet

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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 7:04am

I'm working on a filet crochet baby afghan....still not sure if it is going to look o.k. since I'm using a pattern that was designed for thread instead of yarn.

Nothing new...although I keep looking at a pattern book for doilies that's in Walmart...I like all the patterns in the book and those would make nice quick thread projects.

I haven't had a finished project in a long time...I should do that sometime.

A handcrafted crochet hook would be a nice gift.


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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 11:22am
I am still have a few afghans in the works and I have a Plain Vest for my granddaughter on my needles. The Plain Vest is new. Going well so far, may have some questions when I get to the arm holes. Nothing finished....been busy working around the house. I would like an interchangeable set of knitting needles or maybe a shawl....anything really I loved handcrafted gifts! :)