Joining Yarn?

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Joining Yarn?
Fri, 12-07-2012 - 7:17am

How do you join your yarn when you need to make a change?  Do you knot it, do a russian join, picking up the new yarn in the stitch, etc.?

I saw a youtube tutorial for joining yarn that I want to try.  I will share that in a different post because I will include other ways of joining yarn as a tutorial post.

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Fri, 12-07-2012 - 9:23am

My preference is to loop the two ends together and keep going. It's a bit thick, but essentially weaves in the end as you go. If it's a color change, I just start with the next color as a loop and at least get one end woven in automatically.

Cthulu Crochet

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Fri, 12-07-2012 - 1:36pm
interesting. I tried the russian one and probably did not do it right . I will practice on that one. it looks nice.
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Sun, 12-16-2012 - 5:19pm

I'll be anxious to learn about these other ways! I haven't been real happy with the way I've had to do it when using more than one color on a hat or something else that goes in a circle. For joining yarn, when you run out and still need to keep going with the same thing, one thing I have found is to just tie the yarn, but leave ends 2 or3 inches long. Then, I just go back with a needle and weave the ends in through the center of stitches so it doesn't show at all, and the ends won't work their way out when the item is in use, either.