What's in your tools bag?

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What's in your tools bag?
Mon, 11-14-2011 - 12:22pm

What are some of the essential tools that you keep with you for each project?

Mine list is pretty simple:

Needle Gauge, which is also a ruler
Tape Measure
Stitch Markers (clips and rings)
Crochet Hook (for fixing mistakes)
Row Counter (I use the County app on my phone)
Scrap Yarn
Small Notepad
Cable Needles
Nail File
Hand Lotion

I keep hand lotion and Chapstick everywhere, though.

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Sun, 02-12-2012 - 1:53am
I have 5 different notion bags, the 2 little ones have
darn needles
stitch makers
2 crochet hooks (sm/lg)
a daisy cutter
& tape measurer

3 lg ones
alot of what you list,
hand santiizer
finger nail cutter
band aides
excerdin/advil (mirgaine)
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Thu, 12-15-2011 - 11:39am
I'm like Ca Dreamer, and not real organized, for the most part, but I do keep hooks, scissors and yarn needles on the table by my recliner. I have a cup one of my kids made in pottery classes in Jr. High, that I keep my hooks in. Oh, and I always keep nail clippers and an emery board. It drives me nuts to have my nails catch on the yarn.

I also keep a small container for various crocheted leaves, flowers, and appliques. Some times, I just sit and try different things, or make something and then decide it doesn't quite go with whatever I am working on.

My chair is also usually surrounded by a half dozen or so different balls or spools of yarn. I wish I could find a way to keep those under control better. Every once in a while, I get a tangled mess!


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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 12:54am

I keep all my tools in a

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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 11:05pm
I have my knitting tools in a bag. There is circulars in there, stitch markers, a row counter, gauge and cable needles. My crochet hooks and extra needles are on my computer desk. I have a tape measure there too. I need to get everything into one place.

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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 9:25pm

I'm just not that organized. I keep a bag with my current project, that tends to accumulate too much. Then it all gets tangled. Generally I don't have "I might needs" (which are scattered all over the house). What I try to keep in the bag is the minimum to do the project. Yarn, needles (or hooks), and the printed instructions. The scissors (small, for chidren) tend to stick around, and the very nice blunt yarn needle. DH just got me a crochet hook case (which NOW holds the blunt needle) so they may stick around for a while.

Somewhere I have a cable needle (not used in current projects) and a stitch/needle/hook gauge (WHERE?)

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