Thrifty Thursdays for embroidery...

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Thrifty Thursdays for embroidery...
Thu, 03-07-2013 - 10:44am

Since the folder in which Thrifty Thrusday was posted had been deleted - no explanation given (since restored, but I don't know for how long), I have decided to post all freebies for patterns in their repctive folders. Given, however, the difficulty in keeping threads organized with long sequences of posts, I will attempt the same thing here I am doing with weekly tips and tutorials ---a  single, edited post for each main category.

In the past, if my memory serves me correctly --- the main freebie categories for embroidery were cross-stitch patterns and machine emrbodiery patterns, although there were a few blackwork patterns scattered throughout as well. So this thread will have, at a minimum, those three posts to this OP... I will add more  if needed as I become aware of more freebie links.

EDITED TO ADD: After one week, I can see that some of these pattern lists are getting quite long adn unwieldy so I will  resort of quarterly listings for some and date them accordingly... The Free Embroidery and Cross Stitch patterns, for example, are now dated... and new listings for the next quarter will be posted here. In that way, you can also judge whether there are chances that links are broken.

IF you find broken links, PLEASE let me know and I will remove them or try find the right url...

Also, in the intest of my own schedule, I am only retireving freebies from the first of the year (2013) so if you are interested in any older freebeis, grab them while you can!


Herrschners maintains an archive of free patterns which includes cross stitch and other needlework:

Stitch Direct in the UK has a free patterns page: Lots of blackwork, for example...

Hobby Lobby has a "Project Inspriation" page that features fabric, needleart and wearable projects as well as other categories that may also have stitchery features:

Michaels also has a projects page which includes yarn and needlecrafts:,default,sc.html

Bella Online has a post with a list of links to freebies, mostly cross stitch but also other genres:

JanLynn has free cross-stitch projects: and free projects to do with floss:

Rainbow Gallery has freebies for Cross-stitch, Needlepoint, Plastic Canvas, Blackwork and Hardanger:

Imaginesque has pages and pages of freebies, for blackwork:, cross stitch:, and free embroidery:

Luli has redwork and other needlework freebies here:
and this site has lots of cross stitch freebie links:


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Wed, 03-27-2013 - 2:45pm

FREE (or hand or surface) EMBROIDERY (First quarter, 2013)

Sharon B has a free hand embroidery pattern most Fridays: Individual patterns may be repeated in the list below...



Wall hanging:
Easter Bunny from Andrea Zuill:
Three corners from Broderie d’Antan:
Ornate vintage alphabet, A and B, from Shawkl:
Monogram D from Jenny of Elefantz:
Vintage leaf and bud from Shawkl:
Ornate vintage alphabet, C and D, from Shawkl:
Eight floral motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Two free digital stamps suitable for embroidery from Wonderstrange Arts:
Friday Freebie 2/28/13 from Pintangle:
Ornate vintage alphabet, G and H, from Shawkl:
Sealife oval from Broderie d’Antan:
Ornate vintage alphabet, E and F, from Shawkl:
Bee Cool vintage design from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:
Irish Sweetie from Hudson’s Holidays:
Pair of cutwork birds from Broderie d’Antan:
Two free digital stamps suitable for embroidery from Wonderstrange Arts:
Four corner motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Two rose vines from Broderie d’Antan:
Monogram S from Shawkl:
Monogram I from Shawkl:
Bows and vines from Broderie d’Antan:
No More Snow from Hudson’s Holidays:
Cutwork border from Broderie d’Antan:
Sew Day vintage snail pattern from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:
Vine frames from Broderie d’Antan:
Eight cutwork motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Monogram U from Shawkl:
Monogram B from Jenny of Elefantz:
Pour Vous from Hudson’s Holidays:
Four beautiful corners from Broderie d’Antan:
Hipster Honeybees from Wild Olive:
Two cutwork rectangles from Broderie d’Antan:
Bird alphabet from Broderie d’Antan:
Iron Day vintage snail pattern from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:
Eight borders from Broderie d’Antan:
Two bird motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Three motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Twelve borders and motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Eight floral motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Downton Abbey’s Dowager Countess from The Zen of Making:
Two cutwork designs from Broderie d’Antan:
Monogram A from Jenny of Elefantz:
Doggie digital stamp suitable for embroidery from Visit the Alley Way Stamps :
Clean Day vintage snail pattern from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:

a free set of pdfs from a German edition of Flat-stitch embroidery plates and pattern outlines for graceful floral and formal pieces - scroll down this page to "“Dillmont, Th. de, ed. D.M.C. Broderie au passé":

6 patterns for beginners:

Jacobean motif:

free book online:

Christmas puppy digital stamp suitable for embroidery from Sliekje Digi Stamps:
Floral motif from Broderie d’Antan:
Jolly Ole St. Nick from Primitives by the Light of the Moon:
11 primitive Christmas images from Broderie d’Antan:
Flower-vine circle from Broderie d’Antan:
Four motifs–mistletoe and holly–from Broderie d’Antan:
Four floral motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Butterfly circle from Broderie d’Antan:
Star by Carina of Carina’s Craftblog:
Friday Freebie 12/14/12 from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:
7 flowers and a butterfly from Broderie d’Antan:
Star of Wonder from Wild Olive:
Hark! from Wild Olive:
Vintage donkey from JafaBrit’s Art:

Joy from Woolen Sails:
7 borders with corners from Broderie d’Antan:
Be Mine from Hudson’s Holidays:
9 floral motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Bake Day snail from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:
5 designs from Broderie d’Antan:
5 more designs from Broderie d’Antan:
Complete monogram alphabet from Broderie d’Antan:
Floral heart from Shawkl:
Sunday snail from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:
12 primitive valentine designs from Broderie d’Antan:
Square border from Broderie d’Antan:
Two-part design from Broderie d’Antan:
Flaming heart from Shawkl:
JOY from Needle ‘n’ Thread:
Three butterfly motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
Friday Freebie 12/28/12 from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:
Happy New Year! from Hudson’s Holidays:
22 monograms “B” from Broderie d’Antan:
My Whole Heart from Hudson’s Holidays:
Vintage snail from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:
5 Christian images from Broderie d’Antan:
10 motifs from Broderie d’Antan:
30 borders from Broderie d’Antan:
Amor from Gabi of Feeling Stitchy:
28 monograms “A” from Broderie d’Antan:
Mitten Pairs from Wild Olive:
Friday Freebie 12/21/12 from Vintage Spice and Everything Nice:
The Snowflake from Corvus Tristis:

Bunny in a hoop (all French Knots):

Hen and Chicks:

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Sun, 03-31-2013 - 12:14pm

CROSS STITCH (First Quarter, 2013)

Kooler Design Studio has free cross-stitch projects here:

Ant of Sweden has a freebie archive:

JanLynn maintains a page for free cross stitch projects and for projects using floss

Artecy has a free chart page which is updated with two new charts every two weeks:

Brooke's Books has a freebies archive:, She has a Yahoo group for freebies as well:

Stoney Creek has a Pattern of the Month which is free for one month (although there are shipping charges) and then it has a price attached: March's pattern is here:


"Happy Spring Every Bunny":
"Kittens in Love" x 2:
"Y" Is for Yarn:


St. Patrick's Day cat:

Easter Kitty:

"Erin Go Braugh":

geometric pattern:

repeating motif:


kitty trio:


"Misty Mountains", in Elvish:

"Have a Stitchtastic Day":

Valentine motifs:


"Love Floats":




"Love" sampler:
Alphabet Sampler:

Happy little kitchen stove:

flower basket:

"Costume Bourgeois":

Heart full of Hearts:


January Zodiac:

Brementown Musicians:

"Free as a Bird":



"Cardinal" Guest Towel:

Snow Phoenix:

Do what you Love...

winter birdhouse:


Happy New Year:

redbirds in s snow-covered tree:

Hanging out the laundry:


 March Horoscope heart:

 Easter Egg:

Sewing Machine:

Cassette Tape:
spring plantings:

embroider a carryall:

Happy Easter:

It's Hop to Be Square:

bookmarks for cookbooks:

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Fri, 06-28-2013 - 12:35pm

FREE (or hand or surface) EMBROIDERY (second quarter, 2013)

motifs which can be repeated to make an overall fill pattern:

R. Ackerman's "Repository of Fashions" downloadable eBook has lots of potential embroidery designs in it as well as vintage fashion plates:

An Embroidery Primer:

To My Other Mother:

"Love Without Reason":

White Bunny Spring:

Bee Happy:

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Sat, 06-29-2013 - 1:00pm

CROSS STITCH - Second Quarter, 2013

Check out Stoney Creek's Monthly freebie - it changes on the first of each month:

FLOSSY BOBBIN has an archive of freebies:

Tom Pudding Designs has a freebie page here: 

La-D-Da has a Freebies page:

Liberty Primitives has a freebie page: as does Our Pioneer Homestead:

Vermillion series still available for free downloading (older series can still be purchased)

     2008 Snowmen: 

     2009 - 10 Doorways:

     2011 Teacup Posies:

and here is a Pinterest page with links to freebies (DO check to be sure they are all legally pinned before using them..):


Spring Stitch Sampler:

"Love Makes You Real" sampler:

tea kettle:


Spring Freebies from DMC:

May: and
Lots more here:

Floral Welcome:

"A Little Bit of Happiness":

"New England Spring" sampler:

little black cat:

2-humped camel:


Pyrex Junkie:

Quilt sampler and brooch:

Not for Granted:

"Sweet Little Doggie":

 "Amitie Snail" :

Pink Elephants: (of course, they don't HAVE to be pink!)

How Great Thou Art: Part of a series but I can't find others. However, she has lots of freebies here:

Running horse:

Smooching cyclist:

repeating motif:

Mother Love:

Heart-filled Bunny:

Thomas Moore:


An archive of freebies from 2011, 2012 and 2013:

Summer Kitty:


Four mini-blocks:


Happy Chicken:

The 4th Dr. Who:

Happy New Year:

Petit Grille Cadeau:

Taurus Heart:

four circular sea-themed charts:

"Les bons gateaux de Maman":

Father's Day chart:

"Empty Nest"

sunflower bouquet:


folk motif:

Pledge of Allegiance:

Tiny Lion:


Mystery Sampler:

Marquoir Camille Jullien:

Marquoir Elise:


The Cat and the Crows:

Love Bears All Things:

Matt Smith:

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Tue, 08-13-2013 - 12:20pm


Anna Bove Embroidery has a free pattern archive here and here, a freebies blog here,  and a "Font Mania" in progress archive here.

Ageless Emrboidery has a free design archive here:

ABC Embreoidery Design has a freebies archive:

Free design archive from CME: and Free downloadable ebooks form CME:

Starbird Stock Designs has a freebie archive:

Bernina has free embroidery designs to download here:


embroidered coasters:

Hipster Sasquatch:
Phylsosophic lamb:

Shamrock and a festive flag for St. Patrick's Day:
embroidery for an upcycled bag:
"Bunny Business":
Yellow Rose:
Or check out Five for Free from CME:

"Magical Ride":

I Heart Sewing:

Door Hanger applique:

3 free monogram designs - for the letters N, C and R:

Six Halloween treat bags:

Add candlewicking design to a jacket:

"Treaasure Chest" template:

Embroidered vinyl plant markers:

Tea Caddy:


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Sun, 09-29-2013 - 12:04pm

CROSS STITCH - Third Quarter, 2013

Sylvia's Kreszstich Liebe has lots of freebies here:

Steekjes & Kruisjes van Marijke also has a freebie page:

Lots of patterns here on Creative Workshop from Hetti:

as well as here on TIny Modernist:

and here at AuryTM:

Here is A Swedish blog with lots of freebies: 

Sullivan's Project Central has some downloadable freebies, all by Sue Hillis: 

Coma Stitch has listed some freebies on Pinterest, all of which appear to be attributed to

A Hungarian blog with freebies:

and yet another Hungarian blog with freebies:

More freebies on a French blog:

PixyStitches has a free pattern Friday:

Hugs are Fun has started posting Friday freebies as well:

Hancock's House of Happy has a listing of freebies here:

Here is another Hungarian site with freebies:

WitchWoldWeb Creations has free corss-stitch patterns here:

There is a site just for free patterns here:

and the blog Sub Rosa also has freebies: has a freebie page:

as does Roland Designs:

Freebie pages on this blog: and this one:

freebies fron Mystic Stitch:

and from Susannes Sticheleien:

autumn feathers: and more on Lindashee's freebie page

Hancock's House of Happy has lots of freebies:

~~~~~ for those of you on Facebook~~~~~

Cross Country Stitching is a Facebook page with the occasional free chart...

lots of freebies scattered in posts on this Faceboook page:


Thistle folk motif:

Sunny Summer Watermelon:

Triple Point Motif:


"Was it Worth It?":



fashion sketch:

fashion sketch 2:

Lavender Girl:

A Witch with Sweets:

Stitcher's Letter Alphabet (scroll down for complete series): 



Father's Day:

Every Love Story...: (NOTE - a Facebook page)

Starry Night (no NOT van Gogh's version):

World's Best Dad:


Heart-filled rabbit:

SIlhouette (x 2): and




Stoney Creek pattern of the month:

I hear the Sea:

Céad Mile Failte:

"I Am Not A Number":


Fractal for August:

Sewing Accessories:

 Highland Heather:

Sunny flower eyeglass case:


A Tribute to Grandma:


red balloon:


diamonds and squares:

VIntage Pyrex Pattern:

Listen to the Log:

trampoline jumpers:

GIve Us This Day:


Grilles Coeurs en Boites:

The way to happiness (or La Voie du Bonheur) - a SAL This is part 1:

Autumn is Here:

Silhouette #3:

fractal 405:

from Cross Stitch It:

Love Tree:

"At the Beach":

"Kitty in the Window":

The Fox:

French Fashionista:

Yet another classy silhouette:

Fall sheep:

"Meat Space":

September's Fractal:

Two Freebie Halloween pieces from Cross Stitch Guild on Facebook: and

Mystery Advent Calendar:


Small marquoir sampler:

In VIno Veritas:

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Sun, 09-29-2013 - 12:05pm

FREE (or hand or surface) EMBROIDERY (Third quarter, 2013)

There are free patterns in Kelly Fletcher's Craftsy Store but you have to search:



"Little Lamb": (lots more freebies here - try

jam jar covers:

I think I love You:

Motif for free embroidery or applique:

flower variations:

Old Woman in a Shoe:

A feathery circle: (If you are a quilter, you know what I mean by feathers)

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Fri, 10-04-2013 - 11:05am


Valentine's Day freebie:

Twisted Ribbon Dragonfly:


blackwork Valentine:

Wintery FIll pattern:

three variants of a motif:

balckwork star:

blackwork flower:

blackwork buds:


patchwork fill:


Unfolding leaves with variations (and more blackwork "smalls"):


patchwork sampler:


 a fill pattern:

fill pattern and variations from Imaginesque:

a zentangle chart:


"Spring Bloom":



Trianglepoint Christmas Tree Quilt Ornament:

"Owl": There's a whole series of these owls --- see the listing of links at the end of the tutorial.

Violet Owl:

Rug (or pillow):

A Laura Perin mini-motif:

Boxed Heart:

belt designs:

Four Southwestern Twinchies:

a quilt twinchy:

learn-a-stitch owl:

Easter Egg:

a month of free patterns:


Summertime gardening: (click on the first picture and you will get the picture with a grid overlaid...)

Holly & Ivy ornament:

pumpkin pin:

quit block:

Roman Stripe:



Needlepoint pouf:

Two smalls from Carol's Counted Cavaswork & Needleworks: and

Sunbunnet Sue "mini-sock":

Jack o'Lantern - no chart included but the how-to and materials list is:

Kogin sampler: and

Quilt blocks: and
Hearts: and

Japanese pattern backgrounds:

"Celebrate" sampler, letter by letter:,,,,,,,,,,,, and I have no clue as to what the final sampler is supposed to look like...


Vintage inspired apron:


a free online class for intermediate to advanced stitchers: