Another small completion...

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Another small completion...
Sat, 08-04-2012 - 8:53am

 the latest Janet Perry Stash Buster - a "Triangles Key Fob" 

using a variegated thread (WDW 4119 seems to be the only one I own that even comes close to her specifications:

  • more than four colors, not in sequence (this thread only had three and they were in sequence, sadly)
  • Similar values in all colors (I suspect that white violates this requirement)
  • All colors equal in extent (pretty close, although the red seems to have been skimped on a bit)
  • Transitional areas short (this also seemed to be the case although the blue transition did seem to be more prevalent than the red)

But I was darned if I was going to buy one that fit all her requirements, especially since I would have had to do it online and wait WEEKS before it arrived. besides, this little 1" by 4" strip took a whole card of WDW and there was no way a stash buster was going cost me more than a couple of $$$!

I suspect I made a mis-judgement on the DMC 413 background because it really blurs in with that blue, but white wouldn't have worked and I doubt that black would have worked any better.

Maybe I'll try another strip with another skein of floss later in the month --- if the spirit moves me.