A completion (and avoiding Kimono-revisited)!

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A completion (and avoiding Kimono-revisited)!
Thu, 03-22-2012 - 12:08pm

Some of you may rememebr, I finsihed Janet Perry's Bargello Club several weeks ago and, in a fit of madness, signed up for rwo more "clubs" - a continuation of Bargello CLub and a color theory club called "Color Through the Ages". Well, the first Color lesson came in the mail yesterday and what better way to avoid dealing with the miscount on Kimono than by stitching it?

This series deals with color as it's use has "evolved" over teh ages and will be little "twinchie" squares, each representing an age or era, both in color and design. The first lesson was "Ancient Egypt"... and here is mine, alhtough it appears I forgot to roatate it (oops!):

Lesson 1 - Ancient Egypt.jpg

I pretty much followed the colors Janet Perry gave but I did add a green (DMC561) --- the color that the dead Osiris is often painted in tombs. My lapis-blue is DMC 30820, a rayon with some shine, and my gold is DMC E3852. Other colors were a rust red (DMC 355), an earthy brown (DMC 435), and a turquoise-frit (DMC 959). I used DMC 301 for the "border" and DMC blanc, ecru and 4150 for the background.

This one made me hunt for all the great books and guide leaflets we picked up on a Nile cruise. Great memories!