Some June completions

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Some June completions
Sun, 06-09-2013 - 12:48pm

Finally, something done besides TAST!

It's late, and the colors didn't work out quite like I had hoped ( was aiming for some orange/white daffodils DH has in his garden but the oranges didn't quite mesh). Anyway, here is my May butterfly:

Now to kit up June's butterfly...


The fair booklet came out in Friday's paper. If I push it, I MIGHT be able to enter 7 items ... I need to know what I'm doing by the two weeks beginning July 1 and they have to be framed and ready to submit by July 27.

I'm thinking Red Thai Mandala in the Needlework Framed Picture, 28 ct cross stitch (even though it's blackwork, there is cross stitch in it and there isn't a blackwork category), the "Charles" name badge in the Needlework Framed Samplers, 28 ct cross stitch, and "Birds of A Feather" in the Needlework Framed Picture, 32 ct cross stitch (again, speciality stitches galore but there isn't a category that works otherwise).

  • * I'm not totally sure where my sumptuous embroidery piece fits --- I'm taking a chance on Hand Embroidered or Stamped... talk about apples and oranges!
  • * I'm taking a chance and calling "Kimono - revisited" a sampler so I'm going for the Needlework Framed Samplers - Needlewpoint category
  • * I decided to try to place a Michael Powell piece on 27ct linen in the 25 ct category of Needlework Framed Picture (they don't HAVE a 27 ct category, just 25 and 28 and I want to put Red Thai Mandala in 28 ct...)
  • * I had wanted to enter one of my encrusted crazy quilt blocks but there isn't a category for blocks alone so I'm going for "any beaded item on fabric background" and keeping my fingers crossed!

And I suppose if I push it and don't try to get caught up elsewhere, I could try to get a set of ornaments stitched up and also try for the 12 x 12 "Pink" quilt block... I know I could whip up a crazy block in no time... No time to get something into the 2103 Special contest ("In the Kitchen") and besides, I'd be competing with quilters for the most part there - had enough of that LAST year!)

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Wed, 06-12-2013 - 11:39am

A completion!

And in only two days! The Casey Buonaugurio design, "The Taco Sampler", on 32 ct pale yellow linen with DMC floss:

The major problem --- the white (Sour Cream and Onions) is too close in value to the linen to show up well.

I'm gueesing this is marginally "In the Kitchen" related so I will go back on my resolve and enter this in the fair as well, in the special category for wall hangings and framed pictures... and go head to head with quilters again!

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Sun, 06-23-2013 - 10:58am

My June crazy quilt block for the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2013:

Already getting tired of red!

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Thu, 06-27-2013 - 6:31pm

The "pink
The block for the fair is now done:

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Tue, 09-17-2013 - 4:13am

Ok, I know I'm commenting on some pretty old posts here, but I'm just trying to get caught back up here.  I really like all of these, but especially this pink quilt block.  Soomething about it just strikes a chord with me.