Started the New Year off with a Bang!

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Started the New Year off with a Bang!
Mon, 01-02-2012 - 9:17am

Literally! At midnight, someone set off a rocket of some sort! Woke me up!

Anyway, I did stitch yesterday, in between cooking and football (although there really wasn't much football worth watching). And I have two completions to report!

The first is Learn-a-Stitch mini-sock - Cashmere Variations:

Not sure what possessed me to do it in browns,. Sort of looks like a Starbuck's sampler of teas and coffees! I used all WDW from my stash: Molasses (1268), Havana (1230), Sand (3500), Cappuccino (1238) and Harvest (4103). I think it all worked except that toe... it's a little olive green for my taste.

The second is Learn-a-Stitch - Milanese:

Again, the color selection betrayed me. This one came out looking sort of Easter-eggy, I think. This time my stash yielded up two WDW threads - Old Glory (4133 - and the real color mistake here, I think) and Celebration (4123); and three DMC (335, 472, and 498).

Only three more of these to go, and I can move on to 2012 Challenges (Bead Journal Project, Crazy Quilt Journal Challenge and Color Palette Challenge are all going to be merged into one this year --- hoping that eases the burden a little!)...

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