Stash-buster completion #2

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Stash-buster completion #2
Wed, 01-11-2012 - 1:02pm

This is the second Pyramid mini-sock in Assignment 3 using "stash" threads.

As in the first, I used solid color DMC threads that had been used in Learn-a-Stitch and Bargello club projects and DMC 844 for the dark "background" triangles, and Iadded DMC metallic silver 5283 (II have a whole BOX of this stuff from when I lived in Saudi Arabia!) for the little accent triangles.

Janet Perry provided yet a third pattern in this "assignment" but I haven't decided yet if I will work that one as well... After all, I still need to kit out the first two assignemnts adn work on them, right? Not a lot of sense in working on "bonus" patterns if I haven't finished assigned pieces, right?

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