Weekly Goals, January 14, 2103

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Weekly Goals, January 14, 2103
Mon, 01-14-2013 - 12:40pm

Any to-do lists? Any goals to set? Any progress on this year's lists?

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Mon, 01-14-2013 - 1:03pm

Last week...

Put that laundry away! That is goal one! Goal two is to put away the Christmas decor... === NOT DONE!


- appointment with the nurse practitioner. I think I will bring up what appears to be a mild, chronic UTI as well as a really painful right shoulder.... but I'm pretty sure my blood work is AOK. === DONEIt was a UTI  (more meds). And an injured rotator cuff (more meds) . Otherwise, except for an anomaly in platelet count on the CBC and a slightly elevated thyroid test (more blood work), I'm fine! Under orders to get an eye exam *and* a podiatrist on board (even though I have no diabetes issues, the NP is taking NO chances!).
-GIrls' Night Out with Mary and Janice === DONE


  • - Housecleaner comes === DONE
  • - pay bills and reconcile accounts  === DONE
  • - AAACK, tax filings are beginning to raise their nsaty head and I have to call the bank and get a CD and a savings account merged and transferred to a high(er)-interest savings account - before the 12th! === DONE

Thursday - quilt guild === DONE. Took "Kimono-Revisited" for show-and-tell adn it went over pretty well considering it's not a quilt!

And stitching - there's the BJP for 2013 === NOT DONE, the Crazy Quilt Journal for 2013 === NOT DONE, that BJP 2011 wall hanging === DONE (!!!) and "Red Tahi Mandala" to occupy my spare time ===DONE (at least a few stitches)! The newest "Mittens & Mini-Socks" came this week as well and I got in a few stitches on that.

Mary came down on Friday and we had a "crafting weekend"! she tried out various ink techniques while I finished up the BJP 2012 wall hanging and even got a little stash reorganization done as well. In addition, we went out to eat, DH did grilled cheese for our lunches, and we watched part of my Christmas Present (the complete "Morse" - Mary had never heard of "Morse"! GASP!) and the prequel "Eadeavour"! A great weekend except for having to deal with the weekend dispatcher at AAA when Mary's car wouldn't start when she was ready t leave. But the serviceman, when he came, was wonderful and he got her safely on the road  home(possibly a bad tank of gas)...

This week? More of the same, along with more house guests... one couple on Friday and a second on Saturday. We will have a full house, so that means tidying two guest rooms and bathrooms! Lots of sheets and towels in the washing, I fear!

Put that laundry away before it's time for the next load!

Put away the Christmas decor... before it's Valentine's Day!

Tuesday - GIrls' Night Out with Mary and Janice


  • - Housecleaner comes
  • - pay bills and reconcile accounts

Thursday - Master Gardener's Recognition DInner

And I need to get on the phone and make those doctor appointments (optometirst, podiatrist) and reschedule a hair appointment I cancelled three weeks ago due to weather...

Stitching? - there's the BJP for 2013, the Crazy Quilt Journal for 2013, "Red Thai Mandala", and the latest "Mittens & Mini-Socks"  to occupy my limited spare time! And I want to plan out what to do with BJPs 2010 and 2012.. Now that 2011 is "finished", it would be nice to see if I learned anything and can do a more polished job of finish-finishing...

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Tue, 01-15-2013 - 4:25am

Well, here's last weeks:

Work on "Spring Banner" - DONE, it's coming along quite nicely

Walk - DONE, kinda - started out the week well, but didn't really get out & walk much the end of the week.

Stitchers Guild on Weds. - DONE

Get printer/scanner set up (buy ink?) Still not done - I need to have Bob help me move the stand over to put it on & he's never here when I think of it.

Take down Christmas decorations - DONE (well, I didn't really do it until Monday, but I'm going to count it!)

for next week:

Finish on "Spring Banner"


Get printer/scanner set up (buy ink?)

Re-schedule dental appointment

Follow-up on tax ?.


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Tue, 01-15-2013 - 12:32pm

Darn, you beat me to the Christmas decoration take-down. Mine are still up... Sealed

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Wed, 01-16-2013 - 9:05am

Yes, I was quite proud of myself - I think it was at least March last year!


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Wed, 01-16-2013 - 3:09pm

Well DH is making noises about "helping" me take them down this afternoon...