Weekly goals, July 31, 2012

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Weekly goals, July 31, 2012
Mon, 07-30-2012 - 9:24am

Last day of July. Dog Days of August are upon us! Heaven help us all!


How are you doing on your to-do lists? Accomplishing anything?

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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 9:35am

Last week, my goals were as follows...

Monday --- phone in prescriptions  === DONE, and sent DH after them on Tuesday AM!

Tuesday  ---

  •  - pick up prescriptions === DONE (see Monday!)
  •  - GIrl's Night Out === NOT DONE - cancelled as I was so very tired (insomnia --- not being helped by early morning Olympics coverage!) that I just didn't trust myself to drive all that way to and from at night.


  • - housecleaner comes === DONE
  • - pay bills and balance the accounts === DONE


Walking… keep trying for one mile a day, weather permitting === NOT DONE Probably ought to drop this as a goal as I don't seem to be making ANY progress

And stitching!   "Birds of  Feather" !  === DONE And found the mistake! It was at the very beginning! AAACK! There was the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday .... ===  DONE Oh, and on Saturday, I took my six fair entries in to be judged (judging was that evening) that evening.


This week, things are a little different.. For one thing, Janice and I decided to cancel Girl's Night Out this week since Mary is in Wyoming and neither of us feel enthusiastic about the scheduled demo. I think we all need a break from this.

Tuesday  --- CSA pick-up back on (I assume, since we did get some rain and it has cooled off a little)


  • - Quilt Day (and Senior Day - which means free admission) at the County Fair so I will go see what, if any, ribbons myentries won. 
  • - housecleaner comes
  • - pay bills and balance the accounts 

And stitching!   "Birds of  Feather" !  And there will be the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday ....  as well as the color palette challenge (which also means crazy quilt journal and bead journal projects to be started.)