Weekly Goals, November 5, 2012

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Weekly Goals, November 5, 2012
Mon, 11-05-2012 - 11:06am

Well, here in the US, if you observed Daylight Savings Time (I never could figure out where the savings came from ), you got that hour back on Sunday and were able to sleep in. Of course, it will be dark sooner at night and it will take me a few days to acclimate to the new sunlight v clock connection...

The weather has changed here, for the worse, if you ask me, as it is downright COLD and gray (If I were in London, right now, I'd be saying "dull" but it's really MORE than dull). I can't blame it all on SupserStorm Sandy but we did lose a lot of leaves, had a few pots and roofing debris blown about and a little bit of rain along with the sleet and cold form the Cnadian front that controlled Sandy's path. I know a lot of our friends and family got hit hard by this storm and I'm hoping you are all well and have your power back by now...

Tomorrow is Election Day here in the US and I, for one, will be glad to stop receiving all those robo-calls from politicos.It doesn't apy to live in a "swing state", you know!

So, all in all, a week with more daylight, nasty weather and politics make for a good week to hiberate and stitch, don't you think? Tell us what you have planned!

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Tue, 11-06-2012 - 9:19am

Last week, my goals were simple and uncomplicated... All I had on my calendar was the usual (and Super Storm Sandy's blowback...)

The downspouts? What with the weather reports, I suspect they won't be here today and that means we will have no downspouts for the projected Super Storm Sandy rainfall... AAARGH! === Actually, they did come adn they did complete teh project (I think). The contractor hasn't come to ask for his final check so we shall see, but for now, I'm markingthis task DONE!

Tuesday  - Girls' Night Out === DONE


  •   - housecleaner comes
   === DONE
  •   - pay bills and balance the accounts  === DONE

And stitching!  There will be the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday === DONE and "Birds of a Feather" - more specialty stitches! === DONE Maybe Color Through the Ages as well... === DONE and Ipulled teh fabrics for the Color Palette Challenge and COMPLETED "KImono - Revisited"!

This week, they are a little more complex... but only a little!


         - election day --- but we've already voted in early voting. === DONE
         - meet with finiancial advisor for our quarterly reivew. This will be a good time to talk about theforuth cuarterly income tax payments *and* the healt insurance bill... but talking with the financial advisor is always a downer for me and colors the rest of the day bleak (EDITED ON 11/6 --- DH informed me, as he left for COlumbus yesterday afternoon that teh meeting is the 13th, NOT today! So the anxiety can now last more than a week!)
         - Girls' Night Out 


           - housecleaner comes
           - pay bills and balance the accounts

Thursday - edited to add (November 6) that there is a quilt guild meeting Thursday night...

And stitching!  There will be the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday and "Birds of a Feather" - more specialty stitches! And there's the "name badge" for DH's birthday... and the crazy quilt block for the Color Palette Challenge/Crazy Quilt Journal/ Bead Journal Project!

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Wed, 11-07-2012 - 5:20pm

Thought I'd pop in to say hello.  November finds us with 3 birthdays in the first 10 days, DH's RR buddy left this AM after his quarterly visit.  Trying to decide whether to host the Thanksgiving dinner again this year, which has been a bad year.  Just not feeling up to all the forced happiness.

On the sewing front, I finally made it to the monthly open house (with free chocolate delights set out) to get tips on beginning the patriotic quilt.  Good thing I did, because I learned a lot.  Finally cutting out pieces today.

I was visiting with our 9 yrold GrGrD at her birthday party this week & she told me how much she'l like to come sew at my house.  Turns out she has great interest in fashion sewing, especially embellishing purchased items.  The 2 GrDs that have been sewing for the past 3 years aren't much interested in clothes that don't come from some store in the Mall.  So, I'll be having the GrGrD over on weekends to see what we can come up with.  She wants to tear things apart & put them back together in creative ways. 


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Thu, 11-08-2012 - 1:21pm

For your recycling, upcycling GrGrD, be sure to check out our Reuse, Remake, Restyle thread --- there's lots of posisblities there!