Weekly goals, September 10, 2012

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Weekly goals, September 10, 2012
Mon, 09-10-2012 - 11:06am

Well, only a couple of weeks until it's officilaly fall but the weather around here is acting like it's already here. The weatherman assure sus, however, that summer will be back by the weekend!

SO, are the ids abck in school? Is football season causing you to salivate? Or would you rather be stitching? Let us know what your goals are for teh week!

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Mon, 09-10-2012 - 11:34am

Last week was a busy week!


  • - Girls' Night Out - don't particularly like the demo scheduled but Mary is back so we need to get together. === DONE
  • - CSA pick-up === DONE


  • -DH's class breakfast === DONE
  • - housecleaner comes === DONE
  • - pay bills and balance the accounts === DONE

Thursday - mattress is delivered, which means who know how long I have to wait around waiting and of course, it's the day I settled on to have lunch with ex-SIL! AAACK! And of course, they won't call to give me a delivery "window" until Wednesday night! DOUBLE AAACK!  === DONE Well, they said they called but we didn't get the call and finally, I managed to call them (ever hear of a store that doesn't open until 10AM?)  to find that the window was Noon to three. Really messed up my day! I had to cancel the lunch with ex-SIL... And now my bed is 7 inches higher! I feel like I need a ladder to get into it and the cats are really irritated by the change!

Saturday - DH's HS class "70th Birthday" get-together (AAARGH!) === DONE

sometime this week, I HAD to get to Kinko's and copy a lot of paperwork... (TRIPLE AAARGH!) === DONE - and went to the bank immediately afterwards (Wednesday) and started the refinance paperwork for this house. 

I needed to work on refinancing this house and getting our automatic debit account straightened out since they are dropping overdraft protection and the advisor is pretty lax about keeping an eye on how much is actually in the account.=== DONE, theoretically. We shall see. And we made arrangements for the rental income from Walnut Creek to be deposited in that account so we can pay the new mortgage (fingers crossed) from there...

and I needed to find someplace to park the refund checks we are getting from the house sale that earns better than one-tenth of a percent and yet still be available in the event we need to pay income taxes on it in April! === NOT DONE. Apparently there is no such thing! Oh well, the refund check from the rental manager will bounce if we cash it because he made an error (so he says --- we haven't seen it yet - he must have sent it by slow boat aorund the horn!) so we await the corrected check and I will put them all in something at once... And the accountant and finance manager are communicating about how much we will actually NEED to pay in quarterly to avoid penalties and interest April 15... so maybe we can opt for a longer term CD (wishful thinking, I know).

And stitching!  There will be the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday === DONE,  to say nothing of "Kimono - Revisited" - the September sections, which arrived, on schedule September 1 === NOT DONE, as did the color palette for the Color Palette Challenge === DONE, Iinsofar as I picked out the fabric. And Janet Perry has sent an email saying that the next project (Mittens & Mini-Socks, I think - although she never says in her emails) will be sent out Tuesday!  --- it's here, as is the next Stash Buster, but I haven't done anything with them except print them out. And of course, "Birds of a Feather" === DONE, at least a little bit of it...

And this weekend is the Black Swamp Arts Festival! My, oh my! I was asked by two groups to volunteer --- the Humane Society, which I turned down as it was the day of DH's class party, and Friends of the Library, who never returned my call. So I guess no volunteering --- don't know if we will go to the festival, though. === DONE. Not the festival but did volunteer at the library book sale, Sunday afternoon, 3 to 4: 30, when everything was half-off to clear! Never made it to the festival...


This week is slightly different in that there are no appointments that I know of... That will be next week!


  • - Girls' Night Out 
  • - CSA pick-up 


  • - housecleaner comes
  • - pay bills and balance the accounts 

Thursday - quilt guild. I need to remember to pick up my ticket for October's presentation, which is a trunk-show by a designer...

And stitching!  There will be the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday; t"Kimono - Revisited" - the September sections;  the crazy quilt block  for the Color Palette/Crazy Quilt Journal/Bead Journal Project Challenge; Mittens & Mini-Socks - love the pattern this month (San Francisco Fog!); and the Stash Buster!  And of course, "Birds of a Feather".  This week is the September Stitchathon over at Cross Stitch Crazy and (I think) International Hermit & Stitch Weekend as well, so I will be concentrating on "Birds". However, I now belong to a card-making group on CraftBubbles and I need  (well, maybe need is too strong a word; want is better...) to come up with a card for the September challenge...


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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 4:25am

Well, it's getting down to the mid-40's at night here, but our days are around 80 so not too bad.  I don't think I posted last week's goals, so I'll go back a couple of weeks:

Last goals posted:

Finish bookmarks for cousin's sons - DONE - well the stitching is done, I still need to bond them to the felt.  I'm bringing them to Guild on Weds. as examples for the Stitching for Literacy project so I'll get that done tomorrow.

Mail bookmark to my cousin's granddaughter, Lily  DONE

Take more clothes, etc. to thrift store Not Done - Need to get that done, Bob's getting a bit tired of the basked sitting around.

Put things back together in bedroom  Mostly DONE - So nice to have it back almost to normal

Stitchers Guild board meeting  DONE

This week's goals:

Put together bookmarks for the boys & gather samples of my work for Open House

Make finger food & lemonade for Open House 

Stitchers Guild Open House on Weds.

Pap smear on Thurs.

Work on Halloween canvas work project



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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 11:31am

YAy! I was going to ask you if you'd mailed that bookmark yet! LOL

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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 8:47pm

Yikes, I just noticed I totally missed posting last week.  Can't remember anything outstanding, just a lot of sitting outside reading just soaking in the cooler weather.  More meds issues that made mornings no fun, but feeling much better now.


Mon - Began sorting through Winter clothes - more of my "office" clothes must go.  We are handing off our platform bed with storage drawers to our GrD.  Since the new taller mattress arrived early in the lyear, I've fallen out of bed 3 times.  It's really too dangerous for us old folks, especially since DH removes hearing aid at night & never heard a thing. 

Tues - photographing patriotic quilts that our late GrSs widow brought over, in anticipation of beginning Quilts of Valor project soon.  I found some frayed spots where fabric had pulled out of the seams, so am working on hand repairing these.

Weds - Complete of multiple fabric headbands the younger GrDs want.  I copied the headband one of them bought on vacation.   This project forced me to learn how to gather on the new serger & it is a breeze.

Thurs - taking my color inkjet printer to GrSs widow & we are going to work on fabric printing.  She wants to copy their children's drawings & turn into quilts.  I'm so happy she's found a project to keep her mind & hands busy.

Fri - more closet sorting, hopefully begin design for 1st QOV quilt.  Watch younger GrDs after school & take them both to piano lessons. 

Sat - first birthday party for a GrGrD.  I am so grateful for being able to shop on the Internet instead of traipsing through toy stores.  Our DIL gave me some ideas & I wound up ordering a rocking horse that is made to look like a pink elephant - all covered with pink fur.


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Tue, 09-11-2012 - 9:51pm
Here's hoping the Ned's issues continue to improve! The pink elephant sounds darling!