Weekly Goals, week beginning December 31, 2012 (a day late)

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Weekly Goals, week beginning December 31, 2012 (a day late)
Tue, 01-01-2013 - 1:05pm

Happy New Year!

Yes, I forgot again but this time, I remembered the next day, not a whole week later!

Anyone got any New Year's resolutions they want to share? How about a long-temr golas list? Short temr? Anything?

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I never do resolutions as they are impossible to keep.

My long term stitchy goals (non-stitchy things will have to fend for themselves)... I have enrolled in a number of online challenges and classes for 2013: the Bead Journal Project 2013 (for which I am also "detail andel"/administrator), the Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2013, two online classe being administered by Sharon B of PinTangle ("Sumptuous Surfaces Embroidery" class and "Encrusted Crazy Quilting" class) adn there are still lessons in the Janet Perry LCasses that began last yer ("Color Through the Ages" has two more adn there are probably that same number for "Mittens & Mini-Socks"). I'm still aiong for a large submittal to teh county fair so there are a lot of pieces that are going to need to be finsih-finished... ad I'd love to get all those needlepoint exercises and BJP blocks finish-finished as well. At least I have an idea for the latter...

Short term goals... hmmm

Well, last week, my goasl were pretty much completed when I rememebred to post them! LOL

Christmas at BIL's === DONE


  •      - housecleaner comes === CANCELLED due to power outage
  •      - pay bills and balance the accounts === DONE

And stitching!  Michael Powell's "Home" is all that's in the wings and I'm already on the backstitching! YAY! === DONE, and started yet another piece, this one Elizabeth Almond's "Red Thai Mandala".

Friday, we TRIED to get into one of the last days of the Manet exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art but after 30 minutes in a ticket line with no movement, we decided Manet wasn't worth the wait. So we trekked acorss the street to the Glass Pavillion where we watched a glass blowing demo for a brief time (interesting but hot and slow with no end in sight) and then browsed the glass galleries. I have to say, if that is one of the best glass collections in the US, then the rest of the US is pretty impoverished; I was somewhat disappointed.

This week...

In addition to laundry (two days, all washed, dried and folded but not yet put away), I made a New Year's Eve meal (roast beef) and a pot of Senate Bean Soup fo New Year's Day.  the rest of teh week is as usual, considering the weather...

    - DH's HS class bereakfast
    - Housecleaner comes
    - pay bills and reconcile accounts

Thursday - blood work-up (what my brother calls the "old people blood work" at hospital for Dr's check-up next week.

And stitching - there's the BJP for 2013, the Crazy Quilt Journal for 2013 and an Elizabeth Almond blackwork piece to occupy my spare time!

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Carol, I love your posts!

What a great way to start the New Year!


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You are SO nice to day that, Lori! Thanks for dropping in

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Well, I'm not calling them resolutions - just goals. One is to get out & walk at least 3 times per week. Another is to start being more consistent about housework (I tend to do just about anything else but that) Also make contact with a friend at least once per week - I have a tendency to be a hermit. Oh, and eat more fruit & veggies.

For this week, my goals are:

Start "Spring Banner"


Massage on Friday

Get printer/scanner set up (buy ink?)

Oh, and welcome to the board, Lorie!


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Good resolutions all, and doable, I should think. I totally sympathize with the hermit issues --- so I force myself to drive to Toledo once a week to meet up with Janice and Mary IRL, and to go to quilt guild once a month as well... It's not that I dislike the meetings; it's the driving to adn from that purs me off! Oh well...

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