Weekly Goals for the week beginning February 25, 2013

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Weekly Goals for the week beginning February 25, 2013
Tue, 02-26-2013 - 11:55am

Last wek of February! How are you doing re your goals, your to-do lists, your resolutions? And are you stitching?

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For me, last week, it was still more medical things... This is becoming never-ending! I still have to make that appointment for a mammogram... totally forgot last week. === DONE

 right after I had my blood draw!

Tuesday -  GIrls' Night Out with Mary and Janice === NOT DONE (Janice was ill)

    •         - Housecleaner comes === DONE
    •         - pay bills and reconcile accounts === DONE
    •         - blood work (need a new CBC as the NP didn't like my platelet count last time) === DONE

Thursday - optometrist appointment for diabetic eye exam === DONE, and while it is a clean bill of health diabetes-wise, I have cataracts! AAARGH! And ANOTHER doctor's Appointment APril 16 --- this one a cataract surgeon!

Stitching? - Stitch more on "Red Thai Mandala" === DONE.  Make block for the Encrusted Crazy Quilting class, as lesson two will be here any minute!  === DONE, and also did some seam treatments  There will be another TAST... === DONE  I probably should be planning March's BJP === NOT DONE and CQJP  === DONE  And work on the "finish-finishing" for the BJP 2012... === NOT DONE

I'm giving up on the laundry --- I'll just dress out of the basket! LOL  BUt I do need to get organized for doing the taxes... === STARTED the questionnaire. Need to email the accountant with some questions about their new forms, which are totally opaque and full of accountant-speak.

This week is shaped by more medical and weather as well...

Monday - upper esophageal endoscopy === DONE, which was scheduled for noon but I had to be there at 10:30 and I didn't get home until after 2:30. A day lost  (and here's hoping the insureance, who questioned my use of meds to control GERD and so instigated this invasive procedure, will pay for this AND allow the meds, because, of late, they are denying coverage for a lot --- they wouldn't pay for my shingles vaccine last Friday  - $219! - and they just refused DH's new crowns - over $1500 - because there was no sign of injury or infection, even though one of them broke which caused the entire procedure!)

Tuesday - cancelled Girls' Night Out because righ now we are experiencing freezing rain which is uspposed to develop into snow which will continue through Friday! AAARGH!


      - mammogram at 8AM (OMG I have to get up so early adn drive in this weather!)
      - housecleaner comes
      - pay bills, balance books and work on taxes

Friday - Toledo Symphony performing Beethoven's "Pastoral"...

Stitching? - Stitch more on "Red Thai Mandala",  Lesson three for the Encrusted Crazy Quilting class, TAST,   March's BJP and CQJP,  and work on the "finish-finishing" for the BJP 2012...