Weekly Goals, week beginning March 11, 2013

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Weekly Goals, week beginning March 11, 2013
Mon, 03-11-2013 - 10:04am

Daylight Savings TIme here in teh US... Did you rememerb to set your clocks forward? TO checkthe batteries in your smoke and CO alarms?  And is there anything ELSE on your to-do lists for this week? Please share...

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Mon, 03-11-2013 - 10:27am

Last week's goals for me were very simple so you'd think I would have done better, woudln't you but...

Tuesday -  GIrls' Night Out with Mary and Janice ... === DONE; Didn't cancel and the weather only really hit when I was about 5 minutes from home All the snow was gone by morning too, so that storm was a no-show, basically - it went to our south leaing us virtually untouched.


  • - Housecleaner comes
  === DONE
    -  pay bills and reconcile accounts
 === DONE, well, partly --- I was so busy with taxes I forgot to do the accounts
    -copy tax questionnaire and send off to accountant === DONE, and sent via UPS to the accountant. She should get the forms Tuesday.

Stitching? - Beading on "Red Thai Mandala" === DONE, and final project posted;  Lesson four for the Encrusted Crazy Quilting class === NOT DONE, spent my time finishing up lesson 3 instead;  TAST === DONE, and posted; March's BJP === NOT DONE and CQJP === DONE, some progress made; start of the "Sumptious Embroidery" class === DONE; and work on the "finish-finishing" for the BJP 2012... === DONE!  ALSO finished the last lesson for Color Through the Ages (posted) and started on the latest Mittens & Mini-Socks. And would you beleive, I started on a mug rug for quilt guild --- a little needle-turned applique and even machine quilted it! Stalled out on the binding, though...

This week is going to be very busy with all sorts of out-side the home things so...

Tuesday - Girls' Night Out with Mary and Janice


  • -houscleaner comes
  • -hair cut at 1 PM
  • -pay bills and update accounts
  • - We've been invited to a Seder meal at a nearby Synagogue by one of DH's book club friends

Thursday - quilt guild (WIll I have the mug rug done? And do I really want to go to a pot luck - if so, I have to get some grocery shopping and cooking squeezed in here somewhere? We shall see...)

Saturday - the quilt guild is holding a "Quilt Day" work day at the local community center and I'm seriously considering attending with some hand work (don't want to haul my sewing machine around with me) like my 2102 CQJP/BJP wall hanging finish-finish...

Stitching? Well, in the midst of all these events, I hope to find time to a): finish that mug rug, b) kit up and start a new Elizabeth Almond blackwork piece, c) finish the Mittens & Mini-Socks pieces, d) finish lessons 4 and 5 for "Encrusted Crazy Quilting", e) tackle lesson 2 for "Sumptious Surface Emrbodiery",  f) finish March's Crazy Quilt Journal block, g) get a start on March's Bead Journal Project butterfly and h) work on finish-finishing the 2012 CQJP/BJP wall hanging! OMG --- am I ever in trouble here!