Weekly Goals, week beginning March 18, 2013

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Weekly Goals, week beginning March 18, 2013
Mon, 03-18-2013 - 1:26pm

St. Patrick's Day is come and gone, the match-ups for NCAA men's basketball playoffs are made and spring is due any day now (although you wonldn't guess that by looking outside my kitchen window right now...). Littlest cat just threw up on the white carpet in the dining room and DH is just pulling into the garage after a day of meetings and volunteering. And I'm behinder and behinder!

Anyone have any to-do lists or goals to report on?

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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 1:36pm

Last week...

Tuesday - Girls' Night Out with Mary and Janice === DONE

    •    -houscleaner comes === DONE
    •    -hair cut at 1 PM === DONE
    •    -pay bills and update accounts === DONE
    •    - We've been invited to a Seder meal at a nearby Synagogue by one of DH's book club friends === NOT DONE, I bailed at teh last minute as I Couldn't find anything to wear that I felt comfortable wearing to a house of worship...
Thursday - quilt guild (WIll I have the mug rug done? And do I really want to go to a pot luck - if so, I have to get some grocery shopping and cooking squeezed in here somewhere? We shall see...) === DONE, on all counts!

Saturday - the quilt guild is holding a "Quilt Day" work day at the local community center and I'm seriously considering attending with some hand work (don't want to haul my sewing machine around with me) like my 2102 CQJP/BJP wall hanging finish-finish... === DONE, see my report on NAtional Quilt Day

Stitching? Well, in the midst of all these events, I hope to find time to a): finish that mug rug === DONE b) kit up and start a new Elizabeth Almond blackwork piece === NOT DONE c) finish the Mittens & Mini-Socks pieces === DONE d) finish lessons 4 and 5 for "Encrusted Crazy Quilting"=== DONE (and I THINK lesson 6 as well so that means it just might be a completion!) e) tackle lessons 2 and 3 for "Sumptious Surface Emrbodiery" === NOT DONE  f) finish March's Crazy Quilt Journal block === DONE g) get a start on March's Bead Journal Project butterfly === DONE (at least it's kitted up now) and h) work on finish-finishing the 2012 CQJP/BJP wall hanging === DONE!

And guess what! That laundry basket gfinally got put away and a whole new four loads of clean laundry replaced the old contents in that basket! I hope to do beter with these four loads than with teh previous ones!

This week, the only scheduled appointment is with the dentist on Thursday. Otherwise, I'm back to a more normal (for me) scheudle

Tuesday - Girls' Night Out with Mary and Janice

    •    -houscleaner comes
    •    -pay bills and update accounts
Thursday - dentist appointment

Stitching?  Work on finish-finishing the 2012 CQJP/BJP wall hanging, kit up that Elizabeth Almond blackwork piece, start stitching on "Sumptuous Surface Embroidery" and the March BJP butterfly. If encrusted "Crazy Quilt" needs more work, that as well... and I Could start on the April Crazy Quyilt Journal block too... if I get bored! LOL