Weekly Goals - week beginning November 19, 2012

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Weekly Goals - week beginning November 19, 2012
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 10:32am

Thanksgiving week here in the US --- marked with feasting, football and Black Friday!

Do you have plans for a Thanksgiving feast? Are you hositng, or are you a guest at another's feast? Care to share the menu?

Is football (American style) aprt of your Thanksgiving Day activities (either touch football on teh lawn a la the Kenedy family or watching the annual telvised pro games (around here, it's Detroit that everyone follows, and they play the Houston Texans, but there are two other games being televised that same day (Washington Redskins v Dallas Cowboys, and New England Patriots versus the New York Jets) so it's a potential marathon!

And finally, Black Friday is creeping into Thanksgiving evening and, in some stores, even afternoon! What is more, these sales will be boosted by Saturday being Small Business Saturday! Do you shop the Black Friday sales or do you stay home, avoid the crowds and wait for Cyber Monday? Or do you not shop at all?

Any time at ALL to stitch this week?

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Mon, 11-26-2012 - 11:35am

Last week, my goals were mainly to get through the week!

Monday - shop for Thanksgiving Day supplies -=== DONE,  sent DH, although he did have to go back for the vegetables he forgot to buy! I can't abide a totally white Thanskgiving --- the meal needs SOMETHING green and healthy, don't you think?

Tuesday - Girls' Night Out  === NOT DONE. Still not feeling up to par, so I cancelled


  • - housecleaner comes === DONE
  • - pay bills and balance the accounts === DONE

Thursday -  Thanksgiving is here --- a small one as niece and nephew and his SO will not be coming. Doing a pot-luck approach - I'lll do the turkey, stuffing, gravy, vegetable and cranberry sauce; SIL will bring sweet potato casserole, bread of some sort, wine and desert (pie of some sort --- any except coconut - SIL and I agree on coconut: we both dislike it!). I expect DH and BIL will be glued to the television, watching the Lions play the Texans, although the game starts at 12:30 PM and dinner is scheduled for 2 - 2: 30 so it should be over or nearly over by the time we eat... and I don't think they care that much about the Redskins v the Cowboys at 4: 30 (but one never knows with husbands!). === DONE, but ended up five of us (Niece came after all).

Friday and Saturday --- staying home and hiding from the Black Friday hoards. I'll be stitching!  There will be the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday  === DONE and "Birds of a Feather" - the metallic specialty stitches! === NOT DONE And, of course, Michael Powell's "Home"... === DONE, at least the middle part is nearly done except for blended thread sections. Oh, and I completed lesson 9 in Color Through the Ages!

And Sunday --- turned out we were invited to Nephew's new home for his family get-to-gether. Picture 20+ people of all ages and noise levels gathered in a 1925 bungalow! OMG! But I see why he invited us --- his SO's family outnumbered us 4-to-1!

this week... it's catch-up time! There's still a load of dishes in the dishwasher to put away and a slew of loads of laundry to do. I also want to make up for NOT going to Girls' Night Out for two whole weeks, to say nothing of canceling out on that Quilt Guild member's kind invitation to tour her sewing room...

Tuesday - Girls' Night Out 


  •  - housecleaner comes
  • - pay bills and balance the accounts

Thursday - tentatively rescheduled visit to quilt guild member's home.

Stitching!  There will be the usual new Take a Stitch on Tuesday and "Birds of a Feather" - the metallic specialty stitches! And, of course, Michael Powell's "Home"...

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Mon, 11-26-2012 - 11:36am

Ooops... I posted in teh wrong place!