WIP Wednesday - 2/2912

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WIP Wednesday - 2/2912
Wed, 02-29-2012 - 9:32pm

Sorry I'm late here ... I don't have any WIPs this week although I have been fretting over thread choice for Kimomo - Revisited - the teacher suggested purple so...

February 28 floss toss.jpg

I need to get to gether a floss list and post it on the SNS site!

And today I worked on couching for TAST...

Janet Perry has announced the last Bargello Club piece ( I thought it was last month!) and a new club to start up soon. And I expect tomorrow to be both Color Palette Challenge *and* Finish Frenzy (I have two pieces picked out for the latter...), and there are cross stitch pieces calling to me! So I expect to be busy this week. Anyone else stitching?